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  1. Hi Neil
    My brother Colin was after some background on dad’s mother Isabella and I dug into the bits of the family history that you gave me after dad died. Thought I’d just google Smeaton and found your website – looks great and has some wonderful photos – I remember the one of Isabella from when I was a child. Wanted to thank you for all the info on the site – I noticed that some of the info re my mum and dad, Bill and Josephine isn’t quite correct, some mispellings and incorrect dates – as often happens with old documents – their marriage certificate has Mum’s maiden name spelt as Brehemy when you look it up. If you are updating, I can pass this info on to you and give you updates from us, warm regards, Beverly Mercer (nee Pollock)

  2. Hi Neil

    I was pleased to stumble across this site. Harold McIver married Thirl Burgess who was my Grandfather’s older sister. I believe she stayed in the house on Hudson Parade until her death in 1982.
    If you have any further information on Harold and Thirl I would really appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rebecca. Sorry below is all I have. I think the some of my sources were Trove, NSW bdm and Ancestry.com : Harold Winford McIver was born in 1902 at Essendon. He married Thirlby Noelene Burgess in Sydney in 1941. He was an architect who had offices in Hunter Street in the city. Harold died 11 August 1970 at Clareville. Thirl died 6 September 1982, late of Cremorne. Brother Ivan Stuart McIver has also born in 1902 but died in 1914.

  3. HI Neil, My name is Mark Hillier , ‘ A Tallimba Boy’ I went to school In Tallimba 1952- 1958
    We lived across the road from the Police station.
    My fathers sister Joyce Married Bob Pollock and they had a farm at Tallimba.
    Dads Oldest brother Married Mary Pollock and they lived in Tallimba

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