Pollock Family

This website is concerned with the origins and descendants of Alexander Pollock (1841-1915) and his wife Mary Jane Kilpatrick (1848-1924) from Liskeran Hill, Donegal, Ireland. They married at Stranorlar, 12 April 1870 and five weeks later emigrated to Australia. His father was Samuel Pollock. His mother was Jane Thompson and his grand-father is likely to be one of the Pollocks mentioned below in the Spinning Wheel list. See the Kilpatrick file for Mary Jane antecedents

Alexander & Mary Jane Pollock were Ulster Scots farmers who disembarked in Brisbane (Moreton Bay) on the evening of 24 August 1870, on the Young Australia, after departing from Gravesend (London) on 17 May.  They travelled in steerage.  The ship carried 238 passengers, mostly English but with 28 Irish. [Note: The Young Australia sunk on a return voyage in 1872].

Alexander Pollock worked on a property for a Mr. Barton in Queensland for about 9 months and then moved to northern Victoria, where Kilpatrick relatives were already living.  Their first  child was born at Dargalong (near Tabilk and Nagambie) in 1872.

In August 1873 they were granted 320 acres of land at Taripta, between Kyabram and Mooroopna.  The farm can be located just outside the current urban area of Kyabram. Taripta was later known as Wyuna. They raised five sons in thirty years of farming at Taripta. In about 1903 Alex and Mary moved with four of their five sons, as well as many neighbours, to newly opened wheat and sheep farming country near Balldale in the southern Riverina.  Alex Junior remained at Taripta until the property was sold to Michael Malone in 1915 for £3,329. Alexander Pollock (Sr) died the same year, aged 74 at Balldale on the 16 November 1915. Buried at Hopefield Cemetery, he was described in the Corowa Free Press as “one of the oldest settlers of Balldale”. The value of the Balldale property at probate was £5,684.

Mary Jane Pollock raised five of the eight children born to her – two girls and a boy died as infants. She died at Balldale aged 76 on the 16 September 1924. She is also buried at Hopefield.

The five sons all had large families – producing 42 children (an average of more than eight each) – 39 of whom lived to adulthood. These 39 grandchilden of Alex and Mary Jane produced 106 great-grandchildren (plus two adopted). These grand-children of Matt Pollock of Yerong Creek numbered 40, George Pollock of Tallimba 31, Alex Pollock of Wahgunyah 22, Tom Pollock of Quandialla 13, and Robert Pollock of Balldale 2. It is likely that the next two generations has now pushed the number of descendants well above two hundred.

Origin of the Pollocks

Pollock is of Scottish origin, and comes from lands of that name in what was Renfrewshire, around the present city of Paisley, which is a few miles south-west of Glasgow. Pollok, Pollockshields and Pollokshaws are all today suburbs of Glasgow, and Pollock Park is a significant green space.

Many Scots farmers, particularly from south-western areas of Scotland close to Ulster, emigrated to the northern parts of Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s as part of the Cromwellian plantation of the Catholic lands.

A large number of these Ulster-Scots re-emigrated to the United States. There the name was often changed to Polk. The llth U.S. president James Polk was the descendant of Ulster-Scot emigrant Robert Pollock.

1. Pollocks In Ireland


According to the late Jim Pollock of Tivickmoy (or Teevickmoy), Donegal, Ireland, two Pollock brothers came over from Scotland in the early 1700s. They settled on adjacent land, one in the Liskeran (pronounced Les-cairn) locality and the other in Meenavoy. These farms were just north of the town of Stranorlar (pronounced Stran-lah) in south east Donegal. All the Pollocks from this area are likely to be descendants of these brothers.

Liskeran townlands superimposed on modern map
Liskeran townlands superimposed on modern map

Stranorlar and Ballbofey are twin towns on opposite sites of the Finn River. Liskeran, Tivickmoy and Meenavoy are farming localities in the hills to the north of the towns. The Finn Valley was settled by Scottish and English settlers as part of the Plantation of Ulster, in the aftermath of Cromwell. Jim Pollock claims that the English got the best land along the river while the Scots received the hill land. Stranorlar was chosen as a Plantation frontier post in the Plantation.

Some Research Notes: According to the Index of Wills for Raphoe Barony, Donegal, a George Pollock died at Ballbofey in 1783, a William Pollock in Minavoy (now spelt Meenavoy) in 1788, as well as a John Poak at Minavoy in 1777, and a John Poag in Stranorlar parish in 1737 . There is also a listing of a John Poak and Robert Poak in the 1665 Hearth Money roll for Raphoe. We know that Polk became a popular varient of Pollock in the US. Perhaps Poak and Poag are also spelling variants.

According to the 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlements List – there were at least these Pollocks farming in the area towards the end of the 18th century – :

  • Pollock, David – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, James – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, James, Jr. – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, John – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, Joseph – Donaghmore
  • Pollock, Richard – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, Robert – Stranorlar
  • Pollock, Samuel – Raphoe
  • Pollock, Samuel – Stranorlar


Samuel Pollock Family in Donegal

Alexander Pollock’s father, Samuel Pollock married Jane Thompson. The Irish land records of 1857 list both Samuel Pollock and James Pollock as holding land at Liskeran. Samuel held 75 acres leased from a George Wilson, rateable .

Griffith' s Valuation1857

According to the earlier 1830 Tithe Applotment Survey, Samuel & James Pollock had a 173 acre block at Liskeran. While this was very large for the times, a modest 14 acres were listed as arable.


Court records indicate that Samuel Pollock of Liskeran was still alive in 1864. One of the following Samuel Pollocks who died in the Stranorlar district may match: (1) born 1800 who died in the October-December quarter of 1882, aged 82: (2) 1796-1866, aged 70. A Jane Pollock 1816-1871, died in the Stranolar district aged 55.

The children of Samuel Pollock and Jane Thompson are thought to include:

  • Sarah Pollock daughter of Samuel Pollock married John Pollock (son of James Pollock farmer) of Meenavoy at Stranorlar on 15 May 1854.
  • Jenny Pollock: baptised 24 May 1837
  • Mary Pollock: baptised 17 May 1839 at the Stranorlar Presbyterian Church
  • Alexander Pollock: born at Liskeran 1841; baptised 12 Nov 1841. He emigrated to Australia in 1870.
  • James Steele Pollock: baptised 18 May 1844. Went to America?
  • Robert Pollock : he had a son Alexander Pollock who was father of the last Pollocks at Liskeran (Tille & Robert) who remained there unmarried until they passed away in about 2000.
  • Possibly another son Samuel? who went to America?  There was a marriage at Stranorlar 16 January 1855 of Samuel Pollock, son of Samuel Pollock of Finnidurk (who died August 27 1855), to Eliza Bell of Dinwiley.

There was also a marriage of Jane Pollock, daughter of Samuel Pollock of Liskeran to Alexander McNeal of Mobuoy, Faughanvale on 21 December 1864 at Stranorlar.

In the 1980s the Robert & Tillie Pollock of Liskeran, reported to Jim Pollock of Meenavoy that their grandfather, Robert Pollock, had three brothers, two went to America – their names may have been James Steele Pollock & Samuel Pollock – and one, Alexander who went to Australia. Bachelor and spinster, Robert & Tillie died around the year 2000 resulting in our line of the name Pollock finishing their history in Donegal.

Diagram of Pollock's from Liskeran


Liskeran Pollocks after 1871.

The remaining Liskeran Pollocks are from the family of Robert Pollock, brother of Alexander.

The 1901 census shows the following Pollocks at No.9 Liskeran:

  • Robert Pollock – farmer aged 66
  • Margaret Pollock – wife aged 54
  • R. James Pollock – unmarried farmer and son, aged 25
  • Alexander Pollock – unmarried farmer and son, aged 24. Known as Sandy he married Margaret Ann Bell (of Fern) – daughter of John Bell, farmer, on 11 November 1902 at the Stranorlar Presbyterian Church.
  • Andrew Jack – student, nephew aged 13
  • Mary McGarvey – servant (Roman Catholic), aged 25.

The 1911 census shows the family of Sandy Pollock living at No. 5 Liskeran:

  • Alexander Pollock, aged 30, farmer
  • Margaret, wife aged 29.
  • Maggie, aged 7
  • Lillie, aged 5
  • Jane Elizabeth, aged 3
  • Annie, infant aged less than 1
  • Bernard McCauley. Aged 16, servant (Roman Catholic)

Note that the family was Church of Ireland, not Presbyterian.

According to Jim Pollock of Meenavoy sandy and Margaret’s children included:

  • Margaret – who lived at Liskeran.
  • Lilly – she married a man by the name of Dunlop and moved to Castledawson in the Londonderry county of Northern Ireland.
  • Tillie – worked in (London)Derry in catering. Didn’t marry. Born about 1909. [perhaps proper name Jane Elizabeth].
  • Annie – who moved to Newry, Armagh, Northern Ireland; and married a Mr Draffin.
  • Robert – who was a farmer. Born about 1913. He never married.
  • Ernest – A farmer in Liskeran; later lived in England; but returned later in life to live on the farm with Robert.
  • Samuel – he died of cancer when 50 or 60, had a shop in Ballybofey, married a Miss Pepper.
  • Norman – the youngest and a Liskeran farmer; died in his 40s from lung cancer.

The 1936/37 Electors List gives the following Pollocks at Liskeran – Alexander; Maggie; Annie & Robert

The children had an uncle Robert who lived at Dunwiley, between Liskeran & Stranorlar. Robert’s son Samuel farmed at Dunwiley until 1955 when he sold up and went to the North. Robert Pollock of Dunwiley had two grandsons who lived in Melbourne, Ivan and Malcolm.

Robert Pollock, the last of our direct line of Pollocks to remain in Ireland died in about the 2000, aged 87. His obituary states that he was a well known breeder of Clydesdale & Irish draft horses. He is buried in the family burial ground at Stranorlar – service conducted at the Stranorlar Presbyterian Church. He was survived by a sister-in-law Berta Pollock in Limavady.

Other Pollocks in the area – 1800s

Other Pollock’s listed in the 1833 Tithe Applotment Survey include:

  • Richard Pollock – Meenavoy (18 acres)
  • (can’t decipher) Pollock – Meenavoy (27 acres)
  • James Pollock – Meenavoy (24 acres)
  • David Pollock – Meenavoy (21 acres)
  • Joseph Pollock – Tivickmoy (23 acres)
  • John Pollock – Tivickmoy (16 acres)
  • John Pollock – Ballybofey

Twenty-four years later Griffith’s valuation of 1857 lists the following:

  • Liskeran: James Pollock and Samuel Pollock
  • Meenavoy: Richard Pollock, John Pollock, James Pollock and David Pollock
  • Teevickmoy: John Pollock and Joseph Pollock
  • Dunwiley: John Pollock

The following records of the Stranorlar Presbyterian Church may be of interest:


To John Pollock, Meenavoy – Martha, July 1830
To John Pollock, Meenavoy – Mary Ann, 22 Aug 1855; Samuel born 25 Jun 1857
To Richard Pollock, Meenavoy – Martha, 4 Dec 1838; Sarah, 15 Jan 1849; Sarah, 18 May 1851; Richard, 31 Jul 1854; (mother Sarah Taylor), James 7 June 1858.
To John Pollock, Lettermakenny (adjoins Liskeran) – Martha, 14 August 1832; James, 29 Jan 1834; Jane, 26 May 1836
To John Pollock, Backlees (adjoins Liskeran) – David, 17 Nov 1838; Mary Ann, 23 Sep 1841; Elizabeth , 23 Jul 1843; Hariet, 12 Jul 1845; Margaret, 18 Jul 1848.
To Robert Pollock, Dunwiley – Ellen, born 29 Nov 1894 (mother’s family name Paton); Mary Jane, born 23 Jul 1906; Elizabeth Helen Paton, born 19 May 1916.


John Pollock of Meenavoy, son of James Pollock to Sarah Pollock, Liskeran, daughter of Samuel Pollock. 15 May 1854. Witness John Shanklin.

Other Pollocks – at Meenavoy – 1901 Census
[23] William aged 42 farmer & wife Elizabeth 38 – married 21 Feb 1884 at the Convoy Presbyterian Church. Children: Sarah 15 seamstress; Elizabeth 13 scholar; William 11 scholar; James 9 scholar; Margaret 7 scholar; Esther 5 scholar; John 2; Christine – 4 months. All were Reformed Presbyterians.
[24] James 85 farmer; James and wife Esther both aged 52. At home were children Maggie 19 seamstress; James 17 farm labourer; Esther 16 seamstress; and John 13 scholar. Amother daughter, Matilda, was born in 1878 but was living away at the census. All were Reformed Presbyterians
[27] John 50 farmer; Mary 52 seamstress; Sarah 46 seamstress; and James 40 farm labourer – all unmarried Pollock brothers and sisters. All were Presbyterians.
[29] James Pollock 50, farmer & wife Jane aged 38; and their children – David 15; Ellen 12; William 10; Esther 8; Margaret 6 – all scholars; Rebecca 4 & James 9 months. All were Presbyterians.

2. Kilpatricks In Ireland

Mary Jane Kilpatrick was born at Teevickmoy, two miles from Liskeran in 1848. Her parents were George Kilpatrick, a farmer and Janet Fairman. Her brother Thomas Kilpatrick preceded her in emigrating to Australia, while her parents and many other relatives also moved from Donegal to northern Victoria in the 1870s.

The name Kilpatrick is Scottish in origin, meaning church of Patrick. It is not possible to trace it to a particular location because the same name was used for different places. According to Jim Pollock in Ireland, the Kilpatricks of Teevickmoy had all deceased ‘about 70years ago’.

See the Kilpatrick file for more information

The Donegal Genealogy Resources at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~donegal/ is a growing and potentially useful place for further information on Pollocks & Kilpatricks.

3. Other Pollocks Who Came To Australia

At least one of the Pollocks from the Finn Valley, John Pollock from Meenavoy, had emigrated to Australia before Alexander. John Pollock (c.1843-25 Sep 1922) and wife Letitia (Lettie) Jane Dinsmore/Densmore (c1848-3 Nov 1933) came to Australia in 1869 aged 22 and 20. Photos of John Pollock and Letitia Densmore.

John Pollock’s father, James Pollock (1816 or 1820-1906) is thought to be Samuel Pollock’s cousin. James Pollock also married a Kilpatrick – Matilda Atchison Kilpatrick (1829-1874). They were from Meenavoy.

John and Letitia sailed from Plymouth 2 Jul 1869 and arrived in Brisbane 25 Sep 1869 on the Royal Dane. According to Helen O’Brien “When they first arrived in Brisbane, John and Letitia lived at Oxley Creek, then in Margaret Street, Brisbane, then they moved to Beaudesert. They farmed at Beaudesert and moved to the Bundaberg area around 1894. They lived at Yandalan near Bundaberg and by 1903 at nearby Bucca Farm, North Kolan. Many of their descendants still live in the Bundaberg area. Their family consisted of 8 boys and 5 girls. The children seem to be:

  1. Letitia Jane Pollock (1870-1964). Born 27 May 1870 at Beaudesert, she married Henry Thomas Read (1857-1922) in 1891. In 1913 they farmed at Pinelands, Widgee Creek, south of Beaudesert. They had the following children: Robert Henry Read (1891-1968) – sergeant in WW1. He lived in Sherwood, Brisbane; Percival John Read (1894-1919)- died as result of war wounds; Thomas Herbert Read(1897-1970). He married Matilda Agnes Nelson in 1932. They lived at Meadowvale near Bundaberg; Sarah Jane Read (1900-1953)- married Charles Johnston in 1924 and Harry Blanch in 1936. She died in Ipswich in 1953. Harry died the same year.; Joseph Read (1901-1966) He married Daisy Elizabeth Campbell in 1926. They lived at Hillview near Widgee Creek, south of Beaudesert ; Samuel James Read (1903-1979). He lived for a while near Bundaberg but seemed to have moved back to the Beaudesert area to take care of his mother after his father died in 1922; Ivy Irene Read (1906) (She may have married a Mr J.C. Lang); Letitia Florence Read (1910) (She may have married a Mr T Darlington). Henry Thomas Reid was born 26 Jan 1857 in Somerset and died 19 July 1922. After Henry Thomas Read died in 1922, Letitia Jane lived at Rathdowney near Beaudesert but sometime after the war moved to Coal Street Redbank. She died at Ipswich 10 August 1964
  2. Matilda Pollock (1873-1953). She married George William Richard Godden (1862-1935) in 1894. Children included: John Richard Godden (1896-1963); Emily Alice Godden (1898-1898); Ann Elizabeth Godden (1899-1957); Letitia Jane Godden (1901-1967); Iris Kathleen Mary Godden (1909-1995)- she married Victor Pooler (1907-1988). In 1903 they lived at Upper Widgee Creek. In her later years she lived at Avondale near Bundaberg. Matilda, George and child Ann Elizabeth and and John are buried at Bundaberg.
  3. Robert James Pollock (1875-1876). Died as an infant.
  4. Ann Eliza Pollock (1877-?)
  5. Sarah Margaret Pollock (1879-1972). In 1903 she lived at Bucca Farm. She married William Niel Christian Dahl (died 1952) in 1905. They lived at Bucca Crossing. Their children included: twins Rose Ellen Dahl (1906)- married 1928 to James Todd McLeod and Lillian Letitia Dahl (1906)- married 1926 to Herbert Stanley Howard; Norman Dahl (1907-1978) – married Elsie Serena Neubecker in 1929; Myrtle Violet (1909) – married Wilfred Anders Hendy in 1929. Sarah Margaret later lived in Bundaberg.
  6. Samuel James Tait Pollock (1881-1958). In 1903 he lived at Bucca Crossing.
  7. William John Pollock (1881-1964). In 1903 he was at Bucca Crossing. Married Anne Elizabeth Larder in 1907. In 1913 labourer at Bucca. They had a daughter Letitia Jane Pollock who married Mervyn George Howard in 1933, and died 1983.
  8. George Alexander Pollock (26 May 1883-28 Dec 1949). He was at Bucca Crossing until at least WW1. He enlisted in 1917 and was single then. He later married Alice Catherine English (1895-1960). In 1925 he is listed as a postman of Oakview Farm, Yandaran Creek. In 1943 they are listed at Bungadoo, Wallaville line, where he was a farmer. He died of a snake bite near his house at Bungadoo, 20 miles from Bundaberg.
  9. Thomas Robert Pollock (1885-1962). Up until at least 1913 he was a labourer at Bucca Crossing, North Kolan. By 1925 he moved north to farm at Mount Larcom near Glastone. He was likely single.
  10. Albert Densmore Pollock (1887-1977). In 1913 labourer at Bucca. In 1925 married May Moore. He also moved north to farm at Mount Larcom. The farm name was Bracewell. Possible children include Alan Robert Pollock; Garnet William John Pollock; Iris Pollock; Reginald Albert Pollock.
  11. Catherine Mary Pollock (1889-1946). Married Thomas Ernest Graham (1892-1977) in 1916. They lived at Bracewell near Mount Larcom. Catherine was born a redhead – inherited from her mother Letitia, and passed down through the generations. A family story says that while heavily pregnant with her third son, Catherine drove herself and two eldest sons in a horse and cart to their new home in Mt Larcom. Catherine and Thomas Graham had a bit of everything on their property at Mt Larcom – cotton, corn, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and pigs, chickens and dairy cattle. Their children were: Harold John Graham (1917-1978); George Alexander Thomas Graham (1918-1943); Eugene Vivian Graham (1920-1989); William Andrew Graham (1922-abt 2007); Gordon Douglas Graham (1925-2003); Dulcie Letitia Graham (1927-2005); and Keith Robert Graham (1930-1995)
  12. Henry Pollock (1891-1953). Married Mildred Myrtle Crampton in 1922.
  13. Adam Wray (Ray) Pollock (1893-1963). Married Ethel Violet Crampton in 1917.

At least eight of the above lived much of their lives in or around Bundaberg. Three moved north to Mount Larcom near Gladstone.

Some of the siblings of John Pollock also emigrated to Australia. His brothers and sisters seemed to include:

  • James Pollock (1849-?). He stayed in Ireland, marrying Esther Pollock (same surname) in 1875. They lived at Meenavoy. There children included: David Pollock (1876-1964); Matilda Pollock (1878-1930); Margaret Jane Pollock (1881-?); James Pollock (1883-1918); Esther Smiley Pollock (1885-1968); and John Tait Pollock (1887-?).
  • unknown girl
  • unknown girl
  • Catherine Jane Pollock (1857-2 Feb 1882). She had arrived in Australia on the Carnatic 5 Oct 1881 and died 2 Feb 1882 as reported in the Brisbane Courier “third daughter of James and Matilda Pollock, Meenavoy, Donegal, and sister of Mrs S. Bell, Terrace street, Fortitude Valley.”
  • Elizabeth Jane Pollock (1860-1913). She arrived in Australia 2 July 1877 (listed as Jane) and married Samuel Bell (1852-1925) at the house of Thomas Dunsmore, Fortitude Valley on 9 Jan 1879. In 1889 they lived at Annie Street, Newfarm. They had the following children: Samuel James Kilpatrick Bell (1879-1881); Thomas John Bell (1882-?); Matilda Jane Bell (1883-1922); William George Bell (1886-1922); Eveline Grace Bell (1888-1888); Lilla May Bell (1889-1959); Elizabeth Violet Bell (1893-1964); Catherine Esther Bell (1897-?). She died at Goodna insane hospital in 1913.
  • Matilda Pollock (1869- )

The Alexander and Mary Jane Pollock in Victoria

Arriving from Queensland some time in 1871, by August 1873 they had settled on 320 acres of land at Taripta, near Kyabram.

The following children were born:

  1. Samuel George Pollock (1872-1877)
    Born 1872 at Dargalong (near Tabilk and Nagambie). He died at age 5.
  2. Mathew James Pollock (1874-1950)
    Born 1874 at Mooroopna. (Mary Jane’s parents were living at Mooroopna) He married Mary Ann Harris in 1901 and died at Yerong Creek NSW in 1950.
  3. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
    Born 1876 at Mooroopna. He married Isabella Annie Wilson and died at Balldale NSW in 1916.
  4. Eliza Pollock (1878-1880)
    Born 1878 at Mundoona (near Numurkah). She died aged 2. (Mary Jane’s younger sister Cassie Swan was living at Mundoona).
  5. Samuel George Pollock (1880-1883)
    A second Samuel George was born 1880 at Mundoona. He died aged 3 months.
  6. Alexander Pollock (Jr) (1882-1945)
    Born 1882 at Kyabram. He married Annie Isobel Campbell and died at Wahgunyah, Victoria, in 1945.
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
    Born 1884 at Kyabram. He died in 1964 at Quandialla NSW
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)
    Born 1886 at Taripta near Kyabram. He married Isabella Annie Iver Smeaton in 1912 and died at Tallimba NSW in 1949.
Alex Pollock's land at Taripta
Alex Pollock’s land at Taripta which on today’s map would be located in Grahams Rd Kyabram. https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-232078291/view

The Pollocks Move to Balldale

In 1903 John Morrissey, a member of the Victorian parliament who lived in the Lower Goulburn Valley at Byrneside, purchased the Quat Ouatta estate. This estate on the NSW side of the Murray River between Corowa and Howlong was subdivided by Morrissey and sold to Lower Goulburn Valley farmers in 1903 and 1904.

In late 1903 a party of twelve from the Mooroopna district travelled by buggy and wagonette to inspect and most of them bought around where the village of Balldale now stands. A little later another party of Victorians, from the Yarroweyah and Boorhaman districts, bought blocks. Some of the families that bought Quat Quatta farms included:

  • Alex Pollock, from Taripta, near Kyabram
  • Mick Kavanagh, “Sunny Hill”, from Mooroopna
  • Thomas Wilson, “Cluster Hills”, from Mooroopna, and his brother
  • Mungo Wilson, “Kavason”, from Mooroopna
  • Martin Brothers (Alex and Robert), “Errol”,  from Mooroopna
  • Breen Brothers (J.M. & P.P), “Gelburnie” and “New Park”, from Yarroweyah
Some first Balldale settlers: In the wagon on the left is ‘Grand’ John Wilson. In front of him (far left) is his nephew Mungo Wilson and (far right) his nephew Thomas Wilson. Thomas’ son Thomas is reclining. ‘Grand’ John’s niece Rebecca Martin’s two sons, Alex and Jim are standing centre and his niece Margaret’s husband Mick Kavanagh is seated front second from the right. Jack Cussen (with rifle), the land salesman, is also related by marriage. The group is on the Corowa side of the Murray River, near the bridge to Wahgunyah. Source: Leigh Oliver & Corowa, Book of Memories, 2009.

Alexander Pollock’s homestead at Sunny Hill farm, was located 3 miles southwest of Balldale.  His sons, the five Pollock brothers, all lived in the Balldale area. Their father’s left a sizeable estate when he died in 1915, including £5684 worth of land at Balldale and £3320 owed by Michael Malone for purchase of 320 acres Alexander sold around 1915 at Taripta. His will. The sons gradually moved away to develop their own farms, until in the late 1930s there were no Pollocks left in Balldale.

The Pollock homestead of Sunny Hills
The Pollock homestead of Sunny Hill off the Balldale Road.

Balldale Public School students of 1918.

Find the six Pollocks

Back Row: Trevor Knee, Emor? Scott, Lance Harris, E.Hancock, V.Hill, J.Dormer, T.Martin, G.Howard, W.Chaplain, D.Baker, E.Becker, J.Anderson, M.Walker? 4th Row: David Lindsay (teacher in charge), E.Cuthbert, E.Johnston, A.McKenzie, C.Harris, M.Chaplain, M.McDonald, M.Dormer, R.Wilson, J.Scott, E.Passmore?, Mrs? Armstrong 3rd Row: V.Anderson, M.Martin, N.Peach, D.Baker, I.Newton, T.Hancock, W.Parker, O.Anderson, N.Delaney, N.Knee, Millie Pollock - daughter of Matt Pollock (born 1907), Mary Pollock - daughter of Alex. Pollock Jr (born 1906), K.Anderson, Chrissy Pollock - daughter of Robert Pollock (born 1909), T.Walker, I.Salmon 2nd Row: W.Wilson, R.Cuthbert, B.Paterson, E.Dormer, M.Anderson, E.Chaplain, Annie Pollock - daughter of Alex.Pollock Jr (born 1910), V.Walker, K.Scott, Lavinia Pollock - daughter of Alex Pollock Jr (born 1909), M. Howard, J. Howard, C.Stevenson, S.Gailey, P.Gailey, K.Salmon Front Row: J.Hewett (little fellow almost in 2nd row), T.Anderson, G.Wilson, Alex. Edward Pollock - son of Matt Pollock (born 1910), E.Martin, A.Hutson, W.Hewett, C.Parker, H.Voight, V.Wilson
Back Row: Trevor Knee, Emor? Scott, Lance Harris, E.Hancock, V.Hill, J.Dormer, T.Martin, G.Howard, W.Chaplain, D.Baker, E.Becker, J.Anderson, M.Walker?
4th Row: David Lindsay (teacher in charge), E.Cuthbert, E.Johnston, A.McKenzie, C.Harris, M.Chaplain, M.McDonald, M.Dormer, R.Wilson, J.Scott, E.Passmore?, Mrs? Armstrong
3rd Row: V.Anderson, M.Martin, N.Peach, D.Baker, I.Newton, T.Hancock, W.Parker, O.Anderson, N.Delaney, N.Knee, Millie Pollock – daughter of Mat Pollock (born 1907), Mary Pollock – daughter of Alex. Pollock Jr (born 1906), K.Anderson, Chrissy Pollock – daughter of Robert Pollock (born 1909), T.Walker, I.Salmon
2nd Row: W.Wilson, R.Cuthbert, B.Paterson, E.Dormer, M.Anderson, E.Chaplain, Annie Pollock – daughter of Alex.Pollock Jr (born 1910), V.Walker, K.Scott, Lavinia Pollock – daughter of Alex Pollock Jr (born 1909), M. Howard, J. Howard, C.Stevenson, S.Gailey, P.Gailey, K.Salmon
Front Row: J.Hewett (little fellow almost in 2nd row), T.Anderson, G.Wilson, Alex. Edward Pollock – son of Mat Pollock (born 1910), E.Martin, A.Hutson, W.Hewett, C.Parker, H.Voight, V.Wilson

4. Mathew James Pollock (1874-1950)

Mat Pollock, the oldest son, married Mary Ann Harris on 6 March 1901 at the Presbyterian Manse, Echuca. At that time Mat was living at Taripta (as were his parents) and Mary Ann at Kyabram. Mary Ann was one of 13 children born to Stephen Harris, a farmer and Emma Crossman, both originally from Huish Episcopi in Somerset, England.

For three years Mat and Mary Ann farmed at Taripta and their first three children were born at Kyabram. Between 1904 and 1906 they moved to Balldale where they farmed at “Cloverdale”, a 666 acre property, for 21 years and where their other eight children were born. In 1927 they moved to “Dewdrop”, a farm of 1142 acres near the Mittagong Church between Milbrulong and Yerong Creek.  The farm entrance is still signposted  some 19 kilometers west of Yerong Creek on the Urangeline Road (now know as Osborne Road). The Mittagong Football Club was formed at his house in 1932. Mary Ann died at Yerong Creek aged 63 on 7 February 1939. Mat died at Yerong Creek on 13 September 1950 aged 76. In recollections Mary was described as “inclined to be robust, with a round happy face. She was a jolly person, but Mat was rather grave”.  There is a plaque at the Mittagong Church (about 11 kilometres south of Milbrulong) ‘in memory of Mary Ann & Mathew J. Pollock, presented by their family’.

Mathew Pollock and most of his children settled in this area between Lockhart and Yerong Creek
Mathew and Mary Ann Pollock and most of their children settled in this area between Lockhart and Yerong Creek

Their children were:

4.1 Thomas George Pollock (1901-1983)
Born 23 December 1901. Tom did not marry and farmed at the Yerong Creek “Dewdrop” farm.  From the 1960s he resided at the Mayday Hills Asylum at Beechworth. Tom died on the 15 July 1983 and is buried at Yerong Creek.

4.2 Emma Mary Pollock (Taylor) (1903-1991)
Born 26 August 1903 she married Alfred Taylor (21 March 1905 – 20 January 1991) in 1932. Alfred’s father William Taylor had a 1192 acre farm, ‘Allambie’, off Iletts Lane in the Wrathall area near Yerong Creek – but I think Alfed and Emma moved to their own farm ‘Hopefield’ at Yerong Creek about 1936. They had four children, Alan Alfred (1934) who farmed ‘Allambie East’ and married Heather Mary Rodgers in 1965, Raymond John (21 August 1935 – 30 June 2013) who also farmed ‘Allambie’ and married Janet Dorothy Holt in 1956, Rita Elizabeth (1937), and Donald Matthew (1938 – 1964). Emma died soon after Alfred in 1 June 1991.  Alfred, Emma, Ray and Don are all buried at Yerong Creek.

4.3 Matthew William Pollock (1904-1987)
Born 6 Oct 1904 [although his grave indicates a 1906 birth]. He married Amy Laura Steenholdt (1898-1979) on 22 March 1932 in Wagga. Amy’s parents Hans Thiesen (H.T.) Steenholdt and Isabella Mabel O’Meara came from Euroa, Victoria to be neighbours of the Pollocks. They had a 686 acre farm named “Fairdale”. Matt and Amy farmed ‘Rossdale’ off Read’s Lane, Milbrulong. They had a single child, Amy Wilma Pollock (23 July 1933) who died as an infant. Matt was a committee member of Osborne Football Club and designed its recreational hall and supervised the building work. He died on 16 May 1987 and is buried in Lockhart cemetery. Amy died 10 September 1979 aged 80 years on headstone.

4.4 Amelia Elizabeth (Millie) Pollock (Steenholdt) (1907-1995)
Born 28 Mar 1907. She married Amy’s Steenholdt’s brother Harold Charles (1897-1973), on 6 March 1929. Millie and Harold had a son Frederick James (1932). They later lived at ‘Kilmarnock’, off the Old Tumbarumba Road at West Batlow from about 1940. Millie was awarded the British Empire Media (Civil) in 1976 for her community work and life membership of the United Hospital Auxiliaries in 1981. She died 31 December 1995 at Batlow.

4.5 Euphemia (Effie) Pollock (Taylor) (1909-1979)
Born 15 May 1909. She married Victor Otto Taylor (1907-1994) in Lockhart on 14 September 1938. Victor was the brother of her sister Emma’s husband Alfred Taylor. The Taylor’s mother had a German background, hence Otto. Effie and Victor had five children, including William Matthew (married Maureen May Flanigan 1960), John, Jeffrey James and Joyce. Victor and Effie lived at the “Allambie” farm and later at Cole Street, Yerong Creek. Effie died 15 November 1979 and is buried at Yerong Creek.

4.6 Alexander Edwin Pollock (1910-1999) 
Born 4 Oct 1910. Alec played football for Mittagong. He married Veronica Mabel Anne Hosie (born 13 Feb 1912) on 18 March 1942.  They farmed ‘Gunyah’ at Euberta until the 1950s when they lived in Hebden Street, Lockhart. There were six children: Kevin, Colleen, Terry, Lorraine, Greory and Edwin. Veronica died 21 September 1976 and is buried at Lockhart. Alex married a second time to, Edna on 29 September 1979. In the 1990s Alex and Edna Pollock lived at 162 Fernleigh Rd., Wagga. Alex died 23 December 1999 and is interned in Wagga Lawn Cemetery & has a headstone with his first wife at Lockhart.

4.7 Christina May (called May) Pollock (Howard) (1912-1993)
Born 15 Aug 1912. She married Ernest Charles Howard (25 June 1907 – 26 February 1981) on 2 October 1935. They farmed Ernest’s father Hedley’s 2190 acre property, ‘Illawarra’, close to ‘Dewdrop’ on the Osborne-Yerong Creek Road, later living at 37 Green Street, Lockhart. They had three children. Ern was the president of the local football league as well as Mittagong and later Osborne clubs. His sons Ian and Ken were Osborne players and official. Ern was also prominent in the Farmers’ and Settlers’ Association and the Country Party. Their woolshed was also the venue for many parties. Ernest died in 1981 and May Howard 26 April 1993. They are buried at Lockhart.

4.8 Francis Harris (Frank) Pollock (1913-1984)
Born 24 Sep 1913. According to the electoral rolls Frank was a farmer at “Dewdrop”, Yerong Creek from 1936 until at least the 1968. Following enlistment during WWII he married Mavis Pauline Nest in Sydney in 1945 (cert 6942). She had previously married Alfred Edward Jones in 1941, Mavis had nine children: Raye, Margaret, twins Matthew (1945-2012) and Robert Charles Thomas (1945-2003), Garry (1947), twins Beverley Thelma Anne (1949) and David Roger Howard (1949), Judith (1952) and Kim. Mavis died in 1964, aged 45 and is buried at Lockhart. His remarried to Joy Bardsley on 13 November 1976. They lived at 13/2 Inala Ave Koonawarra near Wollongong. Frank died 12 February 1984 and has a plaque at Yerong Creek cemetery.

4.9 Eric Crossman Pollock (1916-1976)
Born 16 Jun 1916. He played football for more than 10 years – at Mittagong and then Boree Creek from 1946. He married Edna Lindsay Whytcross of ‘Watch Hill’ Boree Creek on 2 March 1946 at the Presbyterian Church. They farmed ‘Braeside’ Yuluma between Boree Creek and Urana and later lived at 18 Riverine Street Narrandera. Edna was prominent in the Country Women’s Association. Their children were Rohan and Trina. Eric died in 1976 and is buried at Yerong Creek.

4.10 James Stanley (Jim) Pollock (1918-1987)
Born 29 Jun 1918. He married Gwyneth Irene Hart at St. Andrews Presbyterian church, Wagga in February 1948. After the marriage they lived at Wagga. They had four children. In 1954 they farmed at Milbrulong. In 1958 they were at 47 Charles St Dalby in Queensland. In 1968 he was a farm manager at Goorambat near Benalla. In 1980 he was at Tooborac, Victoria. He died on 20 January 1987 and is buried at Benalla.

4.11 Frederick Ross Pollock (1919-1995)
Born 11 Dec 1919. Fred married Elizabeth Patricia (Betty) Freeman (15 February 1924-26 August 2014).  The Freemans were neighbours at ‘Dewdrop’. Fred and Betty farmed at ‘Dewdrop’ but later lived at 25 Higgins Avenue, Wagga. They had eight children, including Desmond John (1955-1976). Fred died 6 November 1995 in Wagga.

5. Robert Pollock 1876-1916

Robert Pollock married Isabella Annie Wilson (1880-1960), his cousin, at her father’s property ‘Cluster Hills’, Balldale on the 11 October 1905. Isabella’s father was Thomas Wilson, one of the original settlers at Balldale and a long serving member of the Hume Shire Council.

Thomas Wilson had married Christy McIver the auntie of Robert Pollock.  Also cousins Isabella Annie Wilson and Isabella Annie Smeaton (named after their common grandmother Isabella Annie McIver) married brothers Robert Pollock and George Pollock respectively.

Robert Pollock farmed, ‘Glen Ivor’ 2 1/2 miles from Balldale. He died there on 26 October 1916. According to the Corowa Free Press he “..met his death by a pea rifle would in the head. The deceased has been in failing health for some time, and was under treatment for heart trouble. He had only returned from Corowa on the night in question, after six months treatment in a hospital, when the discharge of a rifle attracted the attention of his relatives, and on inquiry they found the unfortunate man lying on the floor of his room. He died soon afterwards. … He left a widow and family of five children”. (Query: Jack Pollock, a 6th child?). He is buried at Goombargana Cemetery. Later the family moved to a cottage on the outskirts of Balldale.

From electoral rolls it appears the Isabella Annie Pollock her daughter Christina Ivy Pollock, and her son Robert Jonathon Raymond Pollock were the last Pollocks to remain at Balldale. They were on the electoral roll there in 1936. After Robert died in a hunting accident in 1937 the women moved to Wagga. Isabella died in Wagga 9 August 1960 at 29 Crampton Street where she had been living with her sister Rebecca Hewett. Other brothers and sisters of Isabella Pollock were Madge Wilson, Christine Hall of Ballarat, Kit McDonald of Sydney, George Wilson of Wodonga and Jack Wilson of Balldale and Corowa.

Isabella and Robert’s children were:

5.1 Mary A. Pollock (1907-1911)
Born at Corowa in 1907. She died of gastro-enteritis in January 1911 as in buried at Goombargana cemetery.

5.2 Isabella (Isobel) Margaret Pollock (1908-1912)
Born Corowa 1908 and buried with her older sister and father, she also died of gastro-enteritis in 1912.

5.3 Christina Ivy Pollock (1909-1961)
Born 4 September 1909 at Corowa. She lived with her mother at Balldale, where she taught Sunday school. Chrissie and her mother were the last of the Pollocks at Balldale, moving in June 1937 to Wagga, shortly after the tragic death of her brother Robert. She died in Wagga 16 Jan 1961 after being confined to Wagga Base Hospital for more than four years.

5.4 Robert Jonathon Raymond Pollock (1912-1937)
Born at Corowa 14 March 1912. His death is reported as follows in The Argus 25 May 1927 : “Robert Raymond Pollock, aged 25 years of Balldale was accidentally shot when rabbit shooting yesterday, and died soon after. With two brothers, one from the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney and the other from the bank at Tallangatta, and a cousin, Pollock was shooting in rough hill country. He tripped and fell and his rifle was discharged the bullet entering his forehead. He was taken to Tallangatta Hospital, but did not regain consciousness”. He is buried at Goombargana cemetery.

5.5 Bertram George (Bert) Pollock (1913-2001)
Born 21 October 1913 at Corowa. Bert was an officer with the Commonwealth Bank before retirement. His married Alison Graham at Murwillumbah in 1944 and they have a son Tony. They lived at Manly Vale for many years, later residing at Wentworth Falls until moving to Queensland in the 1990s where he passed away 25 November 2001.

5.6 Ivor Lindsay (Lin) Pollock (1915-2000)
Born Corowa 3 Aug 1915. He lived in Melbourne where he married Irene Jeffrey on 15 Feb 1942. They had a daughter, Linette. Irene died in 1980. Lin lived at Narooma in later years and passed away 12 August 2000 at Moruya.

6. Alexander Pollock (Jr.)(1882-1945)

Alexander Pollock was born at Kyabram in 1882. He married Annie Isobel Campbell (1883- 1942) at Kyabram in February 1906. They lived at Taripta outside Kyabram until 1916. When his father and brothers moved from Taripta to Balldale in 1904 Alexander remained, moving to Wahgunyah in 1916 where he bought a farm, “Shrublands”. Alex and Annie remained there until their deaths.

Annie Isobel Pollock who died 22 September 1942 aged 58, was a lady with “a quiet and kindly disposition”. She had five brothers and four sisters. Her father was William Campbell (1837 Lisnagroat, Derry, Ireland – 1923 Temora, buried Kyabram). He came to Australia with his parents in 1847. Her mother was Mary Ann Weston (1848-1917). Mary Ann died 15 April 1917 at their Taripta farm three miles north of Kyabram. She had rared five sons and five daughters – Alex, Will, Bert, Colin, Archie, Mary, Lizzie, Emma, Annie and Lavinia.

Alexander Pollock died 28 September 1945 aged 62 years. Alexander and Annie Isobel are both buried at Carlyle cemetery between Rutherglen and Wahgunyah.

They had 11 children:

Below is thought to be a photo of the eight eldest children taken in about 1922. Mary is probably the one on our far left, Lavinia on the far right and Robert in the front – but any assistance with this photo would be appreciated.

6.1 Mary Ann Pollock (Cofield) (1906-2006)
Born at Taripta 3 October 1906. Known as May she married Harold John Cofield (21 Nov 1907 – 3 May 1993) on 14 October 1933 at the first wedding at the Carlyle Congregational church. They had no children. Harold lived next to the St Leonards vineyard and worked there for 52 years. He has a room named in his honour at the winery. May passed away 5 August 2006, two months shy of 100, and is buried in Carlyle Cemetery with her husband.

6.2 Lavinia Pollock (Barrow) (1909-1991)
Born Taripta 18 March 1909, she married George Barrow (4 November 1907 – 4 Nov ember 1966) on 28 February 1934, at Carlyle church. He was a labourer. They lived at Wahgunyah and had six daughters. Alma (married Bill Bryant of Wahgunyah) deceased 1997; Jeanette (married John Milthorpe of Rutherglen); Anne (married Kevin Witherden of Corowa); Louise (married Donald Beale of Daysdale);J oan (married Dick Ellis of Wangaratta) and Betty (married Bill Taft of Rutherglen). Lavinia died at Wahgunyah 12 April 1991. In 2008 it was reported that Lavinia had 21 grandchildren, at least 51 great grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren “with two more on the way”.

6.3 Annie Isobel Pollock (Howard) (1910-1999)
Born 14 Aug 1910 at Kyabram, she married Rupert Brooks Howard 6 February 1937 at the Presbyterian Church Corowa. They farmed ‘Maryvale’ at Wahgunyah and had two children, Gwen (Cuthbert) and Allan. Annie lived at “Maryvale”, Wahgunyah with her son after Rupert died. Her daughter lived at Wangaratta. Rupert died 7 March 1976 aged 67 and Annie on 29 December 1999 aged 89. Both are buried at Carlyle cemetery.

6.4 Bertha Edna Campbell Pollock (Spencer) (1911-1965)
Born 8 Mar 1911 at Taripta. She married James Spencer 8 Feb 1933, living at Rutherglen. They had one daughter, Joyce (D’Arcy) and three sons, Alexander, James (deceased 2000) and Ken. Bertha died 20 May 1965, aged 53 and is buried with her husband at Carlyle cemetery (he died 14 August 1965, aged 63).

6.5 Alma Edith Pollock (Deas) (1913-1991)
Born 23 Dec 1913 at Taripta. On the 1936 electoral roll her address is c/- Graham Bros. (which was a prominent winery). She married Robert Deas (d.1985) at Carlyle Congregational church 19 December 1936. They had two daughters, Doreen Joan (Waite) and Lorraine Mary (Schmidt). She lived in Rutherglen and died there 30 November 1991.

6.5 Robert Alexander Pollock (1915-1973)
Born 29th Sep 1915 at Taripta. He never married. As the only son, he carried on the family farm, “Shrublands”. He served in the second world war and was at discharge a private in the 8th Reconnaissance Battalion. “His fading health forced him to lead a quiet life”. He died 15 Dec 1973 aged 58 and is buried next to Bertha at Carlyle cemetery.

6.7 Elizabeth Emma Pollock (Dunn) (1917-2000)
Born 9 Sep 1917. She married Henry [Harry] Dunn (1915-1978) on 16 June 1940. Harry worked with brother in law Harold Cofield at the St. Leonards vineyard. They had a son David, and a daughter Faye (Miller). She lived in Main St., Rutherglen and passed away 2 June 2000.

6.8 Jean Clara Pollock (Bourke) (1919-1987)
Born 21 Aug 1919, she married David Thomas Bourke, a labourer, on 16 December 1941. They lived at Rutherglen. They had one son, David. David (senior) was killed in an accident on 23 May 1960 aged 45. Jean died 11 May 1987.

6.9 Elaine Elsie Pollock (Buckingham) (1922-1999)
Born 22 Dec 1922, she married William Buckingham on 22 July 1943 at the Congregational church Rutherglen. Their two children are John William who lives at Rutherglen and Joy Elaine (Woodberry) of Milawa. They have seven grandchildren. William and Elaine Buckingham lived on a farm “Tralee” near Lake Moodemere, Rutherglen. Elaine passed away 31 October 1999.

6.10 Doreen Alice (Doss) Pollock (Nott) (1922-2001)
Elaine’s twin born on 22 Dec 1922. She married Charles Stanley Nott (d.1990) on 4 March 1942 at the Corowa Presbyterian church. They lived at Rutherglen and had three daughters, Shirley Ann Wilson (Walla), Beverley May Renshaw (Rutherglen) and Judith Maree Unger (Canberra). There are 5 grandchildren, and one great grandchild (as at 1989). Doss passed away 12 February 2001.

6.11 Betty Pollock
Born at Corowa and lived only 16 hours.

Ten Pollock Girls

7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)

Tom Pollock, was born at Kyabram, Victoria in 1884. He later lived at Balldale for some years with his parents and brothers, before setting up a farm at Daroolgalbie a few miles north of  Forbes. Later in the 1920s he bought “Spring Valley” on the Bimbi Road between Bimbi and Quandialla

He married twice. His first wife was Florence I. Bedford. Her parents were Alfred Bedford and Alice E. Lawrence (married at Corowa in 1893; cert.3055). Tom was living at Balldale when he and Florence married in Albury in 1915 (Cert.6390). She died just six years later, in 1921, at Forbes.

They had two children:

7.1 John Thomas (Jack) Pollock (1916-1986)
Jack went to school at Bimbi and worked on “Spring Valley” until WW2 when he moved to Melbourne to service RAAF aircraft. He returned to the farm until 1949 when he moved north to settle in Dulacca in the western Darling Downs. There “he became a well respected farmer”. He married late in life and passed away in 1986.

7. 2 Muriel Florence Pollock (1918-1984)
Muriel married Clifford Raymond Butt (born 1912 at Young), in 1937 (cert.7280). The farmed at Tubbul, near Young. They had five children: Vernon (1937), Neville (1939), Raymond (1941), Gwenda (1943-1993), and Graeme (1946). Muriel died 8 December 1984 aged 66 years; and Cliff in 2005. For more information see the Butt Family History website

Tom’s second wife was Esther Swan (1887-1971). Her name is sometimes spelt Ester and she was called Ettie. She was born in Victoria in 1887 (cert.30756). She married Tom Pollock at Cootamundra in 1922. Ettie was Tom’s cousin (his mother’s sister’s daughter). For more information see the Kilpatrick page. She also conceived a child, seemingly to Tom Pollock, prior to his first marriage.  Tom died in 1964 at Young and son Don took over “Spring Valley”. Ettie then moved to Temora to be closer to her daughter. She died 6 April 1971 at Temora. Tom & Ettie are buried at Bimbi Cemetery.

The children are:

7.3 Maisie or Maysie (1908-1957)
Born in Victoria in 1908 (cert.11246) she moved into NSW and then back to Victoria when aged 19. At 20 she married Lionel James Barry. His parents were James Edward Barry and Elizabeth Howard. In 1931 they lived at 81 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. She had six children: Lionel Edward, Jean Margaret, Hazel Christine, Patricia Ann, Brian John and Paul Howard. She died 13 May 1957 at her house at 20 Farm Street, Newport. Lionel Barry died in 1961

7.4 Joyce Margaret Pollock (1923-2003)
She married Lyle Hoad of Trungley Hall at Young Methodist Church 28 May 1949. Her children were: Geoffrey Hoad (1952), Jannelle Hoad (1956) and Ken Hoad (1961). Lyle Hoad stood as a Labour candidate in NSW state elections for Temora in 1960, 1962 and 1971. Joyce and Lyle later lived in Temora. Joyce died, aged 80 on 22 August 2003 and Lyle, also aged 80 on 14 January 2005.

7.5 Don Pollock (1932- )
Don farmed at “Spring Valley”, later living in Young and retiring to the Batemans Bay area. His wife is Leonie Harris – the eldest daughter of Wakler & Mignon Harris of “Oorie” Quandialla. Their children are Jenny Sue (Scalmer) (1956-) of Carlingford, Sydney; Kerrie Lee (Avis) (1957-) who lives in Fadden, Canberra; Lex Donald Pollock (1959-), who continued to farm at “Spring Valley” but later moved on; and Mark (1961-) who lives at Mulgoa

8. George Pollock (1886-1949)

georgepollockGeorge Pollock, born at Taripta in 1886, lived at Balldale until 1924. He married Isabella Annie Iver (Bell) Smeaton at her parent’s house at Eugowra on 27 March 1912. They then farmed at Balldale until moving to Tallimba near West Wyalong and purchasing the 1100 acre farm “Avondale” from a Mr. Lampe.

George and Isabella with 8 children
George and Bell Pollock and eight of their nine children taken about January 1925. William George (Bill); Alexander Smeaton (Bob); George with Edward John (Ted) on his lap; Isabella Annie Iver (Bell) with Ella on her lap; Mary; Catherine (Kitty); in front Vivian (Vi) and Ivy (Helen).

George and Bell Pollock had the following children:

8. 1 William George (Bill) Pollock (1912-1990)
Born 15 October 1912 at Wahgunyah, Bill married Josie Breheny and farmed ‘Avondale’ before moving into the village of Tallimba where he had a machinery dealership. They later moved to West Wyalong. Their three children are Colin, Kay and Beverly. Bill died in November 1990 and is buried in West Wyalong cemetery.

8.2 Alexander Smeaton (Bob) Pollock. (1914-2008)
Born 21 October 1914, Bob married Joyce Edna Hillier in 1947. Joyce was a champion tennis player and golfer. They farmed at ‘Avondale’, Tallimba for many years, and later at Mildil near West Wyalong. They have two sons, Noel and Dennis. They later lived in in Boswell Street Wagga. On 28 Mar 2008 Bob passed away at Wagga aged 93. Joyce died in Wagga 7 November 2009 aged 90.

8.3 Mary Hillier (nee Pollock) (1916-1976)
Born 19 June 1916? at Wahgunyah, Mary married Mark Hillier in 1938 (the brother of Joyce, above). They lived at Tallimba and later at West Wyalong. Mary’s children are Brian, Graham, Ronald, Leonard, Cheryl and lan. She died in 1976 and is buried at West Wyalong.

8.4 Catherine Isobel (Kitty) Rumble (nee Pollock) (1918-2011)
Born 12 January 1918 at Wahgunyah, she married Colin Rumble in 1950. Colin was a non-destructive testing engineer for pipelines. Her family was raised in Sydney, and consists of Michelle, Katrina and Craig. Kitty passed away in 2011 and was cremated at North Ryde.

8.5 Ivy Ellen (Helen) Edwards (nee Pollock) (1919-2010)
Born 9 June 1919 at Corowa. She married Kenneth Edwards in 1946. They had two daughters, Patricia and Julie. Helen had a dress shop at Surfer’s Paradise and lived on the Gold Coast until she passed away on 2 November 2010, aged 91.

8.6 Violet Joan (Vi) O’Connell (nee Pollock) (1920-1999)
Born 8 September 1920? at Corowa. She later lived in Sydney, marrying Harry O’Connell. They had a shop in Glebe but Harry died 16 April 1960. Vi had three children, Terry, Kathy and Anne. She later lived at Gravesend where she died in 1999.

8.7 Edward John (Ted) Pollock. (1922-2014) 
Born 25 May 1922 at Wahgunyah. Raised at Tallimba, he share-farmed in the West Wyalong area. In 1947 he married Heather McPherson at the West Wyalong Presbyterian church and later farmed “Mallee Plains” two miles from Wyalong. In 1961 the family, Tony, born 1949 and Neil, born 1952, moved to Caragabal. In 2002 they retired to Young. Heather passed away in April 2012 and Ted on 10 June 2014. They are both buried at Young.

8.8 Ella Christina McDermott (nee Pollock) (1924-1981)
Born 11 September 1924 at Corowa. She married Eric Lander at Nowra in 1944. Her children included twins Frank and David, Wayne and Sonya. To Bill Turner she had Lex, Robert, Michael and Sherree. Bill Turner worked in the timber industry and was killed in a work accident. Ella married again to Leo McDermott at Port Macquarie in 1966. She lived a long time at Dorrigo and Wauchope and died at Cowra in April 1981. She is buried at West Wyalong. Many of her children were adopted out. Wayne Lander (born 1947) became Peter Browne. He is a well-known outback artist. His website. Sonya became Sonya Pilon and married Ed Cassidy. She lives at Terrigal, NSW. Bob and Michael Turner lived at Wauchope and now Port Macquarie. Lex and family live at Port Sorell, Tasmania and he worked at the Rosebery mine. Sherree married Mark Cooper and also was at Port Sorell, about 20kms out of Devonport. They have two children Luke and Shaun.

8.9 Beryl Margorie Gray (nee Pollock) (1925-c1998)
Born 25 July 1925 at Temora, she married Noel Gray in 1950. Her sons are Peter and John. They lived at Epping for many years before retiring to Foster. Beryl died about 1998.

George Pollock died in June 1949; his obituary in the West Wyalong Advocate reads in part:

Mr George Pollock, a well known and highly esteemed resident of Tallimba district dies in the West Wyalong district hospital… The late Mr Pollock. who was 62 years of age, had been ailing for some time… In 1924 he came from Balldale to Tallimba where he purchased the well-known “Avondale” property from Mr. V.T.Lampe. Of a retiring disposition… he did not take an active part in the public life of Tallimba, but he gave practical support to all movements for the advancement of Tallimba and district. His wife predeceased him in 1937 and he leaves a family of 3 sons and 6 daughters. The sons are William and Alexander (Bob) of Tallimba, Edward of Clear Ridge. Daughters are Mrs. M. Hillier (Tallimba), Mrs. K. Edwards (of Bahrain Island in the Persian Gulf), Mrs. E. Lander (Dorrigo), Misses Kitty and Beryl of Tallimba and Violet of Lithgow. His two brothers Messers Matthew Pollock: of Yerong Creek and Thomas of Quandialla were present at the funeral…

Isabella Pollock died 12 May 1937 at 2 Riverview Street Concord ; her obituary reads in part:

The death occurred at Concord (Sydney) on Wednesday last of Mrs. Isabella Pollock, wife of George Pollock of “Avondale”, Tallimba. The sad event cast a gloom over the Tallimba district as Mrs. Pollock was one of the most popular and highly respected ladies in the district, and her untimely demise, at the comparatively young age of 49, was deeply regretted by her wide circle of friends. Her cheerful disposition endeared her to all she came in contact with… She was a member of the Tallimba branch of the CWA and was Hon-Sec of the Brennan’s Tank P&C. Although not enjoying the best of health for the past two years, she had only been seriously ill for the few days prior to her death, which was caused by pleurisy, …attendance of over 400 people.. pallbearers, T.McClintock, J.Mitchell, M.Hillier,Jr., A.E. McClintock ..

Thanks to W.J. (Jim) Pollock of Tivockmoy, Donegal; Debbie Pedrana, the late Kitty Rumble (nee Pollock), the late Alexander Smeaton (Bob) Pollock, the late Bert Pollock, Joyce Hoad (nee Pollock), Trevor Purkiss, Don Pollock, the late Mary Cofield, Fay Miller, Sheree Cooper & Margaret Bonar.

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