Mary Jane Kilpatrick(1848-1924)

Mary Jane Kilpatrick was born in the locality of Teevickmoy or Tivockmoy in Donegal, Ireland. Here parents were George Kilpatrick and Janet Fairman. They were Protestants whose ancestors came from Scotland.

She married Alexander Pollock from nearby Liskeran Hill at the local market town of Stranorlar in 1870 and one month later left via England for Queensland on the ‘Young Australia’. They arrived in Moreton Bay (Brisbane) on 25 August 1870. Both Alexander and Mary Jane had close relatives who had earlier emigrated

The settled near Beaudesert close to related Donegal Pollocks, but soon moved to Northern Victoria – where Kilpatrick relatives had established farms.

Mary Jane’s brother Thomas Kilpatrick had first settled in the Goulburn Valley back in 1856, when we arrived with her uncles Robert Fairman Crawford and Richard Crawford  upon the ‘Mermaid’.

Mary Jane bore eight children, seven boys and one girl – with only five (all boys) surviving infancy. For more details of her life with Alexander Pollock in Australia and of her children – see the Pollock file. She died at Balldale in the southern Riverina on the 16 September 1924 aged 76 years and is buried at Hopefield Cemetery.

Her Parents

George Kilpatrick (1810-1895)

George Kilpatrick was born in Donegal and married Janet Fairman circa 1832 in Donegal. Their marriage went for 62 years. His parents were:

  • John Kilpatrick
  • Mary Stewart

According to the Irish Tithe Applotment Survey of Raphoe in 1833 the following Kilpatrick men farmed at Tivockmoy:

  • John & Alexander Kilpatrick farmed an 18 acre plot
  • George Kilpatrick (16 acres)
  • Robert Kilpatrick (11 acres); and
  • Thomas Kilpatrick (39 acres).

George was a farmer in Donegal for most of his life. He arrived in Australia, as a relatively elderly man on 30 July 1874 with his wife, four children and other relatives aboard the ‘Great Britain’. Many of his children had already settled. George soon secured a farm at West Mooroopna in the Goulburn Valley where he remained until his death 31 October 1895. He is buried with his wife at Mooroopna. This online map from 1908 shows two adjoining blocks of 376 acres between Mooroopna North & Undera (once known as Mundoona) – belonging to M.J. Kilpatrick. This is his son’s farm and is likely to be where George & Janet had lived.

Janet Fairman (Kilpatrick) (1810-1898)

Janet Fairman was also born in Donegal. Her parents were:

  • Thomas John Fairman (his father was Matthew Fairman born ca.1735)
  • Elizabeth Crawford (1788-1871). She died at Drumnacross

They were both born and buried in Donegal.

Janet Fairman was the eldest of ten children. Her brothers and sisters were:

  • Catherine Fairman (Thompson) (1815-1897). She married James Thompson and lived in Drumnacross where she died 14 December 1897. See Alan Thompson’s website for their children.
  • Elizabeth Fairman (Armstrong) (about 1816-1875). She married George Armstrong and died in Stranorlar.
  • Thomas Fairman (born about 1818)
  • John Fairman (1819-11 Feb 1902). He stayed at Drumnacross. For more information see Alan Thompson’s website
  • Matthew Fairman (1823-26 Oct 1900). He also stayed in Donegal. For more information see Alan Thompson’s website
  • Robert Fairman Crawford (1825-1891).  He emigrated to Australia.
  • Nancy Fairman (1828-?). Maybe died young.
  • Mary Fairman (1830-?). Maybe died young
  • Richard Crawford (1832-1904).  He emigrated to Australia.

According to Alan Thompson, Janet Fairman’s younger brothers Robert Fairman Crawford and Richard Crawford changed their names to Crawford when they fled Ireland after ‘getting into trouble’ with the law.  It would seem that Richard’s nine month sentence was backdated to the date of his arrest in Feb 1855, which meant that he was released on or about 4 November 1855. Over the next fortnight, Richard, Robert (who was never caught) and their nephew Thomas Kilpatrick made their way to Liverpool to board the ‘Mermaid’ which disembarked at Melbourne on 11 Feb 1856.

Janet died 6 February 1898 at the home of her daughter Mary Jane Kilpatrick (then Pollock) at Kyabram, where she had been living for three years since her husband’s death.

More information on earlier descendents of Janet Fairman can be found at Alan Thompson’s excellent site on Fairman family history.

The Kilpatricks in Ireland

Kilpatricks had resided in the Teevickmoy area for a very long time. According to Pynnar’s Survey of the Land Grants Given in 1608, Barony of Raphoe, Peter Benson was granted 1500 acres of land in Dongegal and on May 1, 1616 he leased several portions of his lands as follows ‘–Qr. of Tevickmoy to Sir Ralph Bingley, Robert Kilpatterick, James Kilpatterick, and Archiband McMathe’.

Crawford, Kilpatrick, Stewart Families and the Plantation

In the 1631 Muster Rolls of Donegal Protestants who could be called to arms, Crawford (sometimes Crafford), Kilpatrick (Kirkpatrick) and Stewart (Steward) were common names in the Raphoe Barony as well as in the earlier Pynnar’s Survey.

The online 19th century family history of the Crawfords of Donegal, while it doesn’t directly link with Elizabeth Crawford – it is a very interesting resource on the Plantations and the links back to Scotland. It mentions, on page 33: John Crawford of Lischieran [Liskeran] in the parish of Stranorlar, another grandson of Alexander Crawford of “The Point”, who is described in the Act of Attainder of James II (1689) as John Crafford, gent, Co. Donegal.

The Tithe Applotment Survey of 1833 lists the following Crawfords at Tivickmoy: James Crawford (either two blocks of land or 2 James Crawfords); and a plot of 75 acres farmed by John and Andrew Crawford.  It also lists the following Kilpatricks at Tivickmoy: George (16 acres); Robert (11 acres); Thomas (39 acres); and Alexander and John (18 acres). Also a Robert Kilpatrick at nearby Dunwilley (15 acres).

The 1857 Griffith’s Valuation lists George, David and James Kilpatrick on 3 separate farms at Tivickmoy.

The Children of George Kilpatrick (1810-1895) and Janet Fairman (Kilpatrick) (1810-1898)

1 Mary Kilpatrick (about 1834-?). Listed by informant Kaye Kilpatrick as firstborn. It is likely she died young as her name was ‘re-used’ for sister Mary Jane.

2 Thomas Kilpatrick (1836-1904). Mary Jane’s brother, Thomas Kilpatrick (1836-1904), was the key figure in the migration of the Kilpatricks and others (perhaps including the Pollocks) to Australia. According to his obituary he started as a young man in the cattle business between the Irish and English markets with considerable success. He journeyed to Victoria on the ‘Mermaid’ arriving in February 1856. He spent three to four years ‘colonial roughing’ before returning to Ireland to marry Esther Wilson (1836-1920) and re-enter the cattle business at Stranorlar for about 14 years.He returned to Victoria for good in 1874 bringing with him his parents, his wife and family and a number of other relatives. In 1875 he selected land in the Goulburn Valley at Kaarimba. This map of Kaarimba from 1884 shows Thomas Kilpatrick’s farm of 320 acres between Kaarimba and Waaia. However he soon moved back to business at nearby Numurkah as an auctioneer and grain buyer. He then established the firm of Kilpatrick and Co. at Nathalia, and was well known as an auctioneer. Esther died in July 1920 at her son Richard’s house at Numurkah [The Argus 31 July 1920].

Thomas & Esther Kilpatrick with family (in about 1900). From bacl left: Thomas, Richard, Mat William, George, Elisa Jane, Thomas, Esther.
Thomas & Esther Kilpatrick with family (in about 1900). From back left: Thomas John, Richard Thomas, Matthew William James, George, Eliza Jane, Thomas, Esther. Source:

Thomas and Esther had nine children:

2.1 Eliza Jane Kilpatrick (1860-1865). She was born and died in Donegal.

2.2 Thomas John Kilpatrick (1861-1934). He came to Victoria with his father. Thomas (Jr), better known as ‘Kil’ and later ‘Old Kil’, was a significant pioneer and benefactor in far north Queensland. In 1887 he managed Swallow and Ariell’s sugar mill at Cairns. However soon moved on to become a leading cattle man. He established a butter factory at Daintree near Mareeba, and was a local government councillor for 30 years. He has been dubbed the King of the Gulf. Linked is a most interesting obituary, as is this one also. He did not marry.

2.3 William James Kilpatrick (1862-1904). He came to Victoria with his parents in 1874. In 1891 he married Sarah Jane Baxter (1871-1948). He died 7 January 1904 at his residence “Arizona”, Nathalia from tuberculosis. Sarah Jane remarried to James Richard Gracey in 1907. William and Sarah Jane’s children included:

2.3.1 Catherine Shirlow Kilpatrick (Richardson) (1892-1962). Born in Barwo, she married Albert Arthur Richardson (1887-1958) in 1912 at Nathalia. They lived in Melbourne where he was a builder. She died in Cheltenham, Vic. Their children included: Ira Richardson (1914-1931) and George Gordon Richardson (1915-1973).

2.3.2 Thomas John Leslie Kilpatrick (1894-1972). He seems to have been christened the above name but then recorded as Leslie John Kilpatrick. Born at Barwo he married Grace Mildred Dunn in 1915 (1893-1935) at Carlton in a quiet wedding as Leslie was going into the army. He was soon discharged, having knee problems. He died at Malvern.

2.4 Eliza Jane Kilpatrick (1864-1917). Born in Donegal and coming to Australia in 1974, she married John Campbell (1857-1915) in 1891. His interesting obituary. They lived at “Roseneath”, Bunbartha. The address is also given as neighbouring Tallygaroopna. Eliza Jane died at Tallygaroopna 21 October 1917. They had five children:

2.4.1 Janet Aitchison Campbell (Bashford) (1892-1962). She married Sidney Bashford (1887-1935). They lived at Oaklands in the Riverina.

2.4.2 Esther Wilson Campbell (1894-1974). She was a career nurse rising to matron at Fairfield Hospital. She died at Brighton.

2.4.3 Jean Aitchison Campbell (Higgins) (1896-1983). A high school teacher she married Edward Valentine Bindon Higgins (1887-1981). Wedding notice from 1921. She died at Hampton. They had perhaps four children.

2.4.4 James Campbell (1898-1970). He married Jessie Stewart Guthrie in 1929. They farmed at Strathmerton. He died at Shepparton.

2.4.5 Thomas William Campbell (1902-1959). He married Rita Ray in 1926 and was a pharmacist. They had two children. He died at Wangaratta.

2.5 George Kilpatrick (1868-1916). Born 18 Feb 1868 in Donegal, he married Maria Myrtle Hatty (1879-1909) in 1897 at Jerilderie. They farmed at nearby Oaklands. Their three childen died young or in infancy: Thomas William Kilpatrick (1900-1922); Georgina Kilpatrick (1902-1902) & Alexander Kilpatrick (1904-1904). Maria died in 1909 and George remarried to Lillian Elizabeth Hutchinson, aged 28 in 1912. He died aged 47 on 10 August 1916 at Oaklands. Death notice.

2.6 Matthew Kilpatrick (1873-1949). Born 8 Dec 1873 in Donegal he like brother George, Matthew farmed in the Berrigan/Oaklands district, he at ‘Ullina Park’. He married Fanny Jane Pyke (1878-1919), known as Annie, at Berrigan in 1898.

After Annie died in 1919 a white marble tablet was erected in 1919 by the Oaklands Red Cross Society outside the Presbyterian church in her honour.

Matthew Kilpatrick became a politician. He was the member for Murray in the NSW Legislative Assembly from 1920-1927 and for Wagga from 1927-1941. He was the Country Party whip for some time. He lost at the 1941 election.

Matthew remarried to Mary Black (1889-1960) in Sydney 3 Oct 1921. I believe she was born in Hungary and may have come to Australia via the US. Her original name may have been Vilc Mari Black or Antal. She may have previously married a Mr Becker.  Matthew died 13 January 1949. Obituary here. Entry from the Parliament of NSW website.

Alfred S. Henry and Matthew Kilpatrick holding the pelt of the largest dingo ever caught, at that time. Source: Trove

Alfred S. Henry and Matthew Kilpatrick (right) holding the pelt of the largest dingo ever caught, at that time. Source: Trove

Children with Fanny Jane Pyke:

2.6.1 Trilma Wilson Kilpatrick (1900-1904)

2.6.2 Doris May Kilpatrick (1901-1925)

2.6.3 Elma (Alma) Wilson Kilpatrick (Carlton) (1906-1965)
She married William Mynott Carlton and lived in Cairns

2.6.4 Mathew Anzac Kilpatrick (1915-1997). He lived at Shepparton

2.6.5 Gwyneth (Gwen) Marne Kilpatrick (Baxter) (1919-2004. She married a Mr D.C. Baxter and lived at Wagga.

Children with Mary/Vilc/Vilma/ are:

2.6.6 Joan Frances Kathleen Kilpatrick  (Williams) (1922-1995). She married Ronald Thomas Williams (1914-2001) in 1947. He was a professional singer. She is also listed as Joan Katinka Williams. They later lived in Bowraville. She died 19 May 1995.

2.6.7 Murray Anthony Thomas Kilpatrick (1924-2008). Known as Anthony, he lived in Randwick

2.6.8 Esther (Elsie) Elizabeth Rosemarie Kilpatrick (1926-1984). She married an American Ray Eugene Irvin (1922-1965) in 1944 and divorced him in 1949. She married again in 1953.


2.7 Mary Ann (Kissy) Kilpatrick (1876-1898). Born in Victoria, she suffered from tuberculosis and died 21 June 1898 at Kyabram. She is buried at Nathalia.

2.8 Richard Thomas Kilpatrick (1878-1947). He become a Member of the Legislative Council for Shepparton from 1928 to 1946. Richard Thomas Kilpatrick – a brief obituary. Entry from the Victorian Parliament website. He died 12 March 1947 at Shepparton. His wife was Margaret Culliton and children included:

2.8.1 Eileen Wilson Kilpatrick (Bowyer). Known as Bon. She married Sidney Arther Bowyer in 1951.

2.8.2 Mary Jane Kilpatrick (Furphy). Known as Carmel. She became Mrs J.S. Furphy – ie John Seely Furphy of water carts fame.

2.8.3 Isobel Kilpatrick (Spring). Known as Bobbie, she was Mrs Emmet Spring.

2.9 Charles Wilson Kilpatrick (1881-1883). He died a toddler at Kaarimba

3 John Kilpatrick. (circa 1840- ?). Likely also to have died young.

4 Matthew James Kilpatrick (1843-1911). He was granted land at Mooroopna in 1872. He married Maysie Wemyss (1859-1919) in 1879. They were farmers at North Mooroopna in the Goulburn Valley, arriving with “Messers Thompson and Baxter”. He died at 21 Jan 1911. Maysie later lived at Toolamba with son Robert Kilpatrick. They had six children, although two died in infancy:

4.1 Charles Kilpatrick (1880-1961)

4.2 Jeanette Kilpatrick (Cass) (1882-1963). She married John William Cass (1871-1949) in 1905 at Mooroopna. They had six children: Edward, Maisie, Matthew, Desmond, Kathleen and Patricia.

4.3 George Kilpatrick (1885-1962). Fought in WW1. Wife Hannah. In 1916 he was a train driver living in Moreland, Melbourne.

4.4 Matthew James Kilpatrick (1887-1890)

4.5 Robert Kilpatrick (1892-1973). Robert married Jean Bunn in 1917

4.6 Richard Kilpatrick (1895-1895)

5 Mary Jane Kilpatrick (1848-1924). 
She married Alexander Pollock at Stranorlar, Donegal in 1870 and one month later left via England for Queensland on the ‘Young Australia’. They arrived in Moreton Bay (Brisbane) on 25 August 1870. Both Alexander and Mary Jane had close relatives who had earlier emigrated.

They settled near Beaudesert close to related Donegal Pollocks, but soon moved to Northern Victoria.

Mary Jane bore eight children, seven boys and one girl – with only five (all boys) surviving infancy. For more details of her life with Alexander Pollock in Australia and of her children – see the Pollock file. She died at Balldale in the southern Riverina on the 16 September 1924 aged 76 years and is buried at Hopefield Cemetery.

6 Elizabeth Kilpatrick (Wilson) (1854-1943). She married Glasgow-born John Bruce Wilson (1851-1925). They initially farmed in the Goulburn Valley before moving into NSW to farm between Finley and Berrigan (1894) and Boree Creek near Lockhart (1902). Her obituary. They had a large family:

6.1 Janet Wilson (1875-1955)

6.2 Thomas Wilson (1875-1941)

6.3 Rebecca Catherine Wilson (1879-1881)

6.4 George Wilson (1881-1970)

6.5 Rebecca Wilson (1882-1882)

6.6 John Wilson (1883-?)

6.7 Matthew S. Wilson (1885-1971)

6.8 Elizabeth Wilson (1886-1891)

6.9 Margaret Elizabeth Wilson (1889-1971)

6.10 James Wilson (1891-)

6.11 William Wilson (1893-?)

6.12 Mungo Kavanagh Wilson (1895-1975)

7 Catherine (Cassie) Ann Kilpatrick (Swan) (1857-1899). She married William Swan (1845-1894) at Echuca, Victoria in 1877. He died at Mundoona on 4 Dec 1894, aged 49. Cassie died in the Tocumwal district in 1899. Their children are:

7.1 William Henry Swan (1878-1948). Born at Mundoona, he married Gertrude Constance Dent (1882-1958) in 1909. He died in Oamaru, Otago, New Zealand in 1948. They had no children.

7.2 Anne Elizabeth Swan (Maher) (1880-1956). Born at Mundoona, she married Martin Clement Leo Maher (1874-1959) in 1905. She died at Griffith. Their children included:

7.2.1 Michael William Maher (1906-1990)

7.2.2 Bridget Mary Maher (1908-1990)

7.2.3 John Clement Leo Maher (1909-1964)

7.2.4 William Joseph Maher (1911-?)

7.2.5 Catherine Alice Maher (1913-1936)

7.2.6 Mary Estelle May Maher (1916-?)

7.3 Fanny Louisa Swan (1881-1901), Born at Mundoona, she died at Mooroopna in 1901.

7.4 Janet Swan (Lee) (1884-1957). Born at Kaarimba, she married Edward Lee (1886-1941) in 1910. She died at Cobram in 1957. Their children included:

7.4.1 Kathleen Jean Lee (1911-1932)

7.4.2 Elizabeth Lee (1912-1984)

7.4.3 Esther Lee (Whitby) (1914-1989). She married Wilfred George Whitby (1909-1980). She died at Nambour.

7.4.4 Frederick Lee (1917-1988)

7.5 George Swan (1886-1886). Born and died at Numurkah

7.6 Esther (Ettie) Swan (Pollock) (1887-1974). She married cousin Tom Pollock. See that site for more information.

7.7 Margaret Alice Swan (Brett) (1890-1958). Born in Numurkah she married Richard Lenoir (1885-1976) in 1916. He changed his name by deed poll to Richard Lenore Brett following their marriage. She died at Mitcham in 1958. Their children included:

7.7.1 Richard Lenore Brett (1917-1995)

7.7.2 Arthur Corrin Brett (1920-1976)

7.7.3 Frederic Alan Brett (1922-2001)

7.7.4 John Raymond Brett (1925-2001)

7.7.5 Mavis (Kay) Brett (1928-1977)

7.7.6 Robert William Brett (1937-?)


Thanks to Kaye Kilpatrick, Fiona Brett and Alan Thompson

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