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Kamus : An Indonesian to English Word List

This is a list I've been adding to as I've been trying to learn Indonesian. Feel free to use it, but beware there may be some errors. Also many of the most common everyday words are not listed (because I didn't need a list to remember them).

I would be most appreciative of information related to incorrect or out of date translations.

Note that I've capitalised some letters to highlight the root word; eg. perSatuan

Contact me on neiljpollock@yahoo.com if you want to share some thoughts

abad century/100 years; ages
abadi eternal, lasting, enduring
ABG anak baru gede
abu ash; dust
acar pickles
acara program, agenda, court case
ada there is, there are, be present, have, own, did so & so
ada apa what's the matter, what is it?
ada di is on, is at, is in (refers to non-stationery objects - see also terletak)
ada di mana which direction, where is it?
ada lagi anything else?
ada lho here it is!, this it it!(?)
ada pula there is also
ada yang some (some of, but not all of)
adab courtesy, culture, knowing proper behaviour
adakah is there?, are there?, is it the case that? (where yes or no answer expected)
adalah is, are, am
adapun now, it so happens that, as for…
adil just, fair
adil dan makmur fair and prosperous
adu compete
adu domba pitting one side against another
aduh! Oh no!; ouch! Oh my!
aduk mix; as in cooking
aduk(lah) stir (imperative)
afiat healthy (see also sehat)
agak rather, tolerably, somewhat, too, really, quite; a bit & approximately, about
agaknya it seems, apparently
agamawan religious person
agar so as, in order to, in order that, so that [must have subject] = supaya
agar-agar jelly, gelatin, made of seaweed
agar supaya same as agar
agung high, prominent, supreme; exalted; noble, impressive
air besar shit
air mata tears
air panas hot springs
air putih plain water
ajak invite (not formal occasion) - mengajak)
ajakan invitation (-an converts to noun). To go out somewhere - formal event=undang
aje saja (same)
akad nikah marriage ceremony in presence of an imam
akal way, tactic, also mind, intellect, reason
akan (1) as for, about, regarding
akan (2) will (a future event or state)
akan tetapi however, but, nevertheless, still
akar root, source, origin
akar rumput grass roots
akbar exalted, great
akhir the end
akhiran suffix
akhirnya at last, finally, eventually
akhlak morals, character
akibat result, consequence, due to
akibatnya as a result, as a consequence, consequently
akrab intimate, chummy
alah defeated. beaten, conquered
alam nature, world, realm
alam bebas unspoilt nature
alam pikiran view, philosophy, way of thinking
alang-alang tall grass
alangan hindrance, impediment [also halangan]
alangkah baiknya how well it would be, it would have been better
alangkah! (alangkah bagusnya) - how beautiful, fine, splendid
alas base, foundation, layer, lining, covering
alasan reason, excuse + basis, foundation + evidence, proof
alat instrument, tool (alat-alat = equipment)
alat tulis-menulis stationery
alhamdulillah praise be to god (said when giving thanks)
alih shift, change position, instead of, on the contrary
alih-alih rather than, instead of
alis (mata) eyebrow
Allahu Akbar God is great!
alun wave, swell
alus, halus refined
aman safe, peaceful, secure, sound
amanat, amanah mandate, trusteeship
amarah anger
amat very
ambil take, get, fetch (-mengambil) (ambillah = take it!)
amplop envelope
ancam say something threatening
ancaman threat
andai(kata) if (supposing) = seandainya & sekiranya
aneh queer, strange, funny
aneka all sorts of
anggap consider
anggapan opinion
anggota member, part (eg parts of a train)
anggrek orchid
angguk nodding of head (for agreement or due to dosing)
anggur(1) wine, grape
anggur(2) be unemployed (meng- ng- peng peng- -an)
angka figure, rate, mark, grade, score (in sport)
angkasa sky, heaven, atmosphere
angkat lift, raise, take away [Baiklah, angkat = OK, take it away]
angkot minibus Java (Angkutan Kota)
angkut to transport (-mengangkut), take away
ani-ani harvesting knife
aniaya ill treatment
antar accompany, escort (-mengantar)
antar inter- (used in compounds; eg antarbangsa)
antara between, in, about (of time), not far from, in the meantime
anting-anting earrings
antrian queue (verb = antri)
anugerah gift from a person of higher status (or from god), blessing
apa ada is there? Are there Do you have? (use also Anda punya?)
apa apa anything
apa boleh buat what can be done?, it can't be helped?
apa dia ada is he/she here?
apa lagi anything else?,what's more, what else (is there) - see also ada lagi
apa pun of any kind
apa saja anything at all, what you like, whatever there is.
apa saja terserah it's all up to you
apa yang that which (not a ?), what
apa(kah) ada are there any? (also adakah), do you have
apabila if, when (esp. in indirect questions) - used in writing, not in speech = bila
apabila…maka if…then
apakah question marker - can also be used to mean "whether or not"
apakah….atau whether….or
apalagi above all, especially, moreover, besides
apapun of any kind
aparat keamanan security forces
apatis apathetic
apung float (meng-)
arah ini this way (arah = direction, course) [arah yang mana]
are 100 sq. m.
arif wise
arisan club, meeting, lottery
asal originate from (-berasal dari)
asal if (provided that), as long as (e.g. asal bapak senang)
asal-usul lineage, origins
asalkan if (providing that)
asam sour, acidic; sharp
asap smoke, vapour
asin salted, salty
aso take a break
astaga! Hell!, damn!
asyik! passionate, absorbed, Cool!
atap roof
atas api top of the stove
atasan person in higher position
atur arrange, administer (meng-)
awak a crew
awal beginning, commencement, early
awam common, non-expert, lay
awan cloud
ayah father
ayo, ayuh! come on!; also goodbye (more informal than Silakan & Mari)
ayu pretty, beautiful
azab torment, punishment
azan call to prayer
babak stage, phase
babak kualifikasi qualification round [babak kualifikasi=qualification round]
bacar mulut talkative (very talkative person)
badai storm
badak rhinoceros
bagai like, kind, sort, species, various (berbagai)
bagaimana dengan (nama) how about....
bagaimana kalau how about…, what if
bagaimana kesan anda what do you think about...?; what's your impression
bagaimana pun juga in any case, however it may be
bagaimanapun…….namun no matter how (s.t)….nevertheless
bagi [same as untuk], but also divide
bagi dua share
bagi saya as for me
bagian part, share, department, proportion (setiap bagian = every part)
bagian penerangan information desk
bagus good (meaning good quality - rather than well)
bagusan better (colloquial)
bahan goods, materials, ingredients; fabric
bahas research, investigation, study (bahasan = criticism, study)
bahaya danger
bahkan in fact, even, on top of that, moreover, on the contrary, in fact, indeed
bahkan lebih dari itu even more than that
bahu shoulder
bahwa that (conjunction) - commonly used with berkata, kira, mendangar...
bahwasanya that, truly indeed
baik budi good character
baik sekali (anda) very kind
baik…ataupun whether/either….or
baik…maupun both.......and
baja steel
bajak plough (-mem) has 2nd meaning of bandit.
baju shirt (also kemeja), dress, coat
bak mandi tank
bakal future
bakar barbequed, roasted, burnt down (-kebakaran) (-mem)
bakso kuah meatball soup
balap race, racing
balas guna show gratitude, reciprocate
balasan answer, reply (-membalas= to reply)
balau confused, in disorder
balik reverse, contrary; go back; come back
balok beem of wood
balur jerky, dried meat
balut bandage, dressing, wrapping
ban tyre
banci transvestite, hermaphrodite
bandar port, harbour, trading town, dock
banding compared to (berbanding)
banget very, excessively (Javanese)
bangga proud
bangkit rise up (from sitting position)
bangku bench, couch, stool
bangsa nation, race, tribe, people
bangunan building
bangunkan to make wake up
bangunlah! wake up!
banjar line, row, series, train of events
banjir flood
bantaran flood plain
banteng wild ox of Jawa
banting rough treatment
bantuan help, assistance (-membantu, perbantu)
banyaknya amount, quantity, number
barang tembikar pottery
barang tentengan hand luggage [memtenteng = to carry in hand while walking]
barangkali perhaps, maybe, probably
barat daya southwest (daya=power, resource, energy)
barat laut northwest
baring lie down (berbaring)
baris row, line, queue
baru…. not until
baru-baru the other day, just recently
barusan just, just now (Colloquial)
basa-basi good manners
basah wet, soaked
basi stale, spoiled
batal cancelled, void, useless (mem- kan)
batang stem, trunk, stick, stalk, handle
batas border, demarcation, limit (-terbatas = limited)
batin inner self, spiritual
batok coconut shell
batu stone
batuk cough
bau unpleasant smell
bawa bring along, carry, bring, show the way (-mem), cause
bawang onion
bawang putih garlic
bayang(an) shadow, silhouette (also bayang-bayang), imagination
bayangkan imagine
bayar di muka payment in advance
bayar masing masing each person pays their own way
bayi baby
bea tax, duty, excise, toll, tribute
bebal stupid, imbecilic, slow
beban load (of vehicle or on shoulders), burden, responsibility
bebas free, independent, gratis (kebebasan = freedom, mem- -kan = set free)
bebas bea duty free
becek muddy, wet
beda difference (berbeda)
bedil gun, rifle (see also senapan)
begadung stay up and talk all night
begal robber (pembegal can also be hijacker)
begini like this, in this way, is/was, no sooner
beginilah It is like this, let us do it like this
begitu like that, in that matter, so, very, such a, such like, just at the moment, really?
begitu rupa in such a way
begitulah! That's it, that's right, that is the case
begok thickhead, idiot
bekal stock, supplies, provisions
bekas 1) print, trace eg bekas jati (2) former (3) used, 2nd hand
beker alarm clock
bekerja bakti to work with devotion, provide public service
beking-bekingan do business on a system depending on patronage
beku frozen
belah crack, gap, cut in half
belai caress, stroke
belaian caress, flattery
belaka completely
belakangan later, eventually, later on
belanjaan shopping - ie purchased items. (belanga - expense, expenditure, ber - to shop)
belenggu handcuff, shackle
belengkik turn (mem- to curve to turn)
beli to buy (-mem)
beliau he/him - respectful, his honour
belimbing star fruit (carombola)
belokan curve, corner, turn - in road
belum apa apa that's nothing
belum berkeluarga not yet married/with family
belum bisa cannot yet (good for bargaining)
belum pernah never (yet)
benah straighten up, be tidy
benar correct, true, real, sincere, right
benar-benar really!
benarkah! Is it true?
bencana disaster
benda thing, article (kata benda=noun)
bendera flag
bendung dike, dam (membendungi)
bengap have difficulty speaking (from shyness, hesitation)
bengkak swollen, swelling, expansion, increase
bengkayang gorged, stuffed (from overeating)
bengkel garage for repairs, workshop generally
bengkok crooked, bent, warped, crooked, dishonest, sly, bend
bengong dazed, stupified, crestfallen, vacant
benih seed, germ, sperm, origin, descent
bening clear, transparent
benjol lump, bump, bruised, swollen
bentak say in a harsh manner
benteng fort, fortification
bentrok quarrel, clash
bentrokan quarrel
bentuk form, shape
bepergian to go on an outing
berabe nuisance, annoying, bad luck, darn!
berada to be (at a place), to stay
berahi sexual desire, passion, list
berai spread, scattered
berak to shit
berakraban be chummy with, be close to
berAlih change, shift
berAneka macam many types
berang angry, furious, irate
berangkat leave
berAngsur gradually, little by little
berani brave, bold
berapa sering? how often
berAsakan to be based on
berAsal dari originate from, descended from
berat heavy
berbagai all kinds of, various
berbahasa speak in a particular language
berbeda different
berbelanja go shopping
berbelas kasihan have pity
berbentur collide
berboyong to emigrate
berbuat to do, to make
bercerai to be separated
berceramah to give a lecture to
berdebu dusty
berdikari berdiri di atas kaki sendiri
berdikit-dikit little by little
berdiri to stand
berdomilisi living in …(kota)
berduduk be seated
berEdar to turn, to revolve, to circle (say a plane), to circulated (say of money)
beres sorted out, in order, clear up
berGabung to gather together, to merge, to fuse
berganti to change
bergantung dependent upon
bergaul sociable
bergegas hurry
bergelar (someone) have the title of
berGeser to rub up against each other, to shift, to move
bergulat to struggle
bergulir to move, roll on, go
berguna helpful, useful
berGurau to joke with each other
berhalangan prevented
berharap hope
berharga valuable
berhasil succeed
berhati-kecil to be afraid, faint-hearted
berhubungan connected, related
beri jalan give way
berikan to give, present, offer (mem-)
berikut next, following, the one following, as follows:
berisi to contain
berisik noisy, tumultuous, uproar, noise
berita news, information
beritahu inform (give+knowledge), to tell
berjalan to walk
berjalan-jalan to take a walk
berjalan lancar run smoothly
berjanji to promise
berjiwa to be spirited, lively
berjudal titled (e.g. buka, film, CD)
berjudi to gamble
berKabung to mourn
berkaitan related
berkali-kali many times, repeatedly, again and again
berkat thanks to…,blessing, favour, grace, mercy (memberkati)
berkat jasa because of merit
berkata said, say
berkecil hati to be annoyed, disappointed
berkedudukan be located, to have position, status
berkeinginan have a desire
berkeliling sight-seeing
berkembang to be growing
berkencan have a date, appointment
berkepanjangan prolonged
berkeringat to sweat
berkerumunan to crowd around
berkesudahan result
berkiprah to progress to (Jv)
berkisar revolve around, centre upon, turn, range between amounts
berkumpul gather together
berlagak pretend
berlaku valid
berlalu pass by, past, overdue, expired
berlari to run
berLarut-larut to be drawn out
berlatih to practice
berlawanan to oppose, to be opposite of, to contest, to compete
berlayar sailing
berlebihan left over, excessive
berlian diamond
berliburan on holiday
berlimpah to be in abundance, plentiful
bermain-main play around (kids)
bermalam spend overnight
berminat interested in, attentive
bermutu having quality
berniat intend
berOmbak wavy
berPedoman to be guided by
berpelukan to embrace
berpendidikan to be educated
berPengaruh to influence
berPeran to have a role
berpikiran sempit narrow minded
berprihatin to be apprehensive
bersahaja simple, uncomplicated
bersaing to compete
bersalah guilty, to be wrong
bersalaman to greet someone
bersama together, collectively
bersama dengan together with, in conjunction with
bersanding bride and groom sitting together at marriage ceremony (sanding = close, near)
bersatu(lah) to be united, as one
bersedia ready, willing, available
bersekedudukan cohabit, live as husband & wife
bersembahyang praying
bersenang enjoy yourself
berserta see beserta
bersih clean, tidy, neat, hygenic
bersilaturahmi in friendliness
bersinar shine
bersiul to whistle
bersorak to yell, shout loudly
bersyukur to thank god, to be grateful
bertahan to remain, to survive, to stay intact, to hold out
bertahun-tahun for many years
bertamasya to go sight-seeing
bertamu to pay a visit
bertanggung jawab to be responsible
berteduh to shelter
bertengkar to argue
bertentangan to be in contradiction, incompatible, in conflict
berteriak to scream, shout
bertiga the 3 of us, we 3, all 3 of us
bertindak to act, to take measures
bertiup to blow
bertubi-tubi repeatedly
bertugas have a task, chore to do
bertujuan have an aim of objective, head for
bertunangan to become engaged
berturut-turut in succession, in a row
bertutur to talk, to converse
berubah to change, to alter (also spelt berobah)
berusaha to try, to attempt, make efforts
beserta as well as, together (with), attached (of letters)
beset occupied, taken (mem-) eg. kursi
besi iron (metal)
betapa how very, as
betul true, that's right, absolutely!
betul-betul really, truly
betulan precisely, actually
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Unity in Diversity [kebhinnekaan=diversity]
biadab uncivilised, barbaric
biar allow, let it be, so that
biarlah never mind
biarpun although
biarpun begitu nevertheless, despite that
biarpun demikian nevertheless, despite that
biarpun……namun although…..nevertheless
biasanya usually
biaya expense, cost, fee, charge
bibi auntie
bibir lip
bibit seedling, seed, germ
bidan midwife
bidang area, field, field of activity, spacious, level, plane, wide
bidikan aim, select, choose
bijaksana wise, prudent
biji seed, kernel, classifier small round things, testicles
bikin main-main make fun of (bikin = buat)
bila whenever, if (when) = apabila
bila saja whenever (also bilamana pun)
bilamana sama as bila
bilamana juga anytime
bilang (1) to say, to tell (mem-)
bilang (2) (vwp) number, enumeration (mem- (kan) = to count)
bilang (3) every, each (bilang hari, bilang waktu)
bimbang worried, anxious
bina building, construction
Bina Graha president's executive office
binar bright
binasa destroyed, wiped out
bisa kurang can reduce?
bisik whisper
bising noisy, uproar
bismillah in the name of God
bisu dumb, mute
bius drugs
bobol give way, collapse
bocor leak, puncture (-an)
bohong lie
bokong buttocks, wrong way around, back
bola lampu light-bulb
bolak-balik vice-versa, to and fro, back and forth, again and again
boleh dikatakan it may be said that…
boleh dikatakan begitu you could say that
boleh jadi maybe
bolehkah may I
botak bald
buah-buahan different types of fruit
buah baju button
buah mati favourite child, darling (buah hati also darling)
buah pikiran ideas
buang get rid of, throw away, discard (-mem)
buang waktu waste time
buat (1) make, to do
buat (2) for, in order to, on behalf of (buat saya = as for me)
buat apa what for? (why do it?)
buatan made in…
buatan sendiri home made
budaya culture
bujangan unmarried
bukan begitu it's not like that!
bukan cuma itu not only that
bukan hanya itu not only that
bukan hanya…melainkan/tetapi juga not only…but also
bukan main! expression of astonishment, extraordinary
bukankah are you not
bukankan? Is it not?
bukannya it's not the case that...
bulan madu honeymoon (ber-)
bulan terang full moon (terang = clear), also use purnama
bulat round
bulat-bulat round object + flatly, totally, completely
bulu mata eye lash
bulu tangkis badminton
bumbu spice, flavouring
bumi earth, ground
buncis beans (long - not kacang)
bundaran a roundabout (bundar = round, circular)
bunga-bungaan all kinds of flowers
bunga flower, also interest on money
bungkus packet, parcel (mem-)
bungsu youngest child
bunyi sound, ring, tone
bunyi-bunyuan music
bunyi seperti sounds like
buru-buru hurry, hurriedly, hastily
buruh worker, labourer
buruk bad, evil, wicked (see also jelek)
busa cukur shaving foam
busuk rotten, ugly, moral corruption
buta blind
butuh need, necessity
cabang branch (of a tree or business), fork in the road
cabul obscene, pornographic
cabut pull out, abolish, cancel, withdraw (mem-)
cacat (orang) disabled person
cahaya shine, glow, light, radiance, bright light(ber-)
cahaya muka complexion
cakap(1) good looking, capable, able
cakap(2) talk rubbish, brag (ber-)
calon candidate
campur mixed, in a heap
campurkan to mix s.t. (imperative)
canggih sophisticated
cangkir cup, mug
cara way, manner, method, mode,custom (se-)
cari search (mencari - to look for, search, seek)
cari makan try to make a living
cat paint (men-)
catatan note (a) - eg on bottom of letter like PS
catur chess [also 4 in Javanese]
cecak small house lizard
cedera injured, flawed, defective
cegah say s.t. in way it is prohibited. "Saat ini tengah malam", cegah Isterinya
mencegat hail (taxi), flag down, waylay, holdup
cek perjalanan traveller's cheque
celaka damn it!, misfortune, disaster
celana trousers
cemas anxious, frightened, worried
cemburu jealous
cemerlang bright, sparkle, glisten
cendekiawan an intellectual, the educated class
cenderung to tend towards
cengkeh clove
cengkeram grip, hold
cerah sunny, clear, fair, fine, bright (e.g. hari cerah)
cerai divorced
cerdas/cerdik intelligent, educated, shrewd, clever
cerewet quarrelsome, fault-finding, hard to please
cerita story (also ceritera)
cermin mirror
cetak print (percetakan = printing office)
cewek girlfriend
mencicip taste during preparation of food
cincin ring (on finger)
cinta love, affection, sorrow (mem- -..i)
cipta creative force, creative power, thought, idea
ciri distinctive characteristic, mark (ciri khas = special, unique mark)
ciri-ciri characteristics, features
ciri khas distinguishing feature
cirit (birit) diarrhea
cita feeling, longing for
citra image
cium aroma, smell, kiss
coba try (men-), make an attempt, also please
cocok agree, tally, correct, exact, suitable, compatible
contoh example, sample (contohnya = for example)
copet pickpocket
cowok boyfriend
cuaca weather
cucu grand-child
cukur shave
cuma merely, but, only [same as hanya - before word]
cuma-cuma free, without charge
curam steep, cliff
curang foul (in soccer), dishonest, fraudulent
curi steal (men-)
curiga suspicious, distrustful
cuti leave, holiday (of workers) (ber-)
dada breast, chest
dadar omelette
daerah kumuh slum
dagang trade (ber-)
dagu chin
dahi forehead
dahsat, dahsyat horrifying, terrifyiung, awe-inspiring
dakwaan accusation
dakwah religious missionary activity
dalang puppeteer, puller of strings
damai peace/ful, rest/ful (ber-)
damping close, near
dampak impact (on st)
dan bahkan and what's more, morover
dan sebagainya and so on
dana funds, donation
danau lake
dangkal shallow
dansa dance (modern) (ber-)
dapat to find, to get, to obtain, to be able to, can (men- & ter-)
darah blood, descent, family (ber-)
darat land, shore (from the sea), ground (from air) [mendarat = to land]
daratan mainland, land (see also dataran which is different)
dari (-pada) rather than, from, since, because of, out of, more than; instead of
dari hal regarding, concerning, about
daripada rather than, instead of
darmawisata excursion
darurat emergency
dasi necktie
datar flat, level smooth (also for plateau & plain)
dataran plain [dataran rendah = lowland, dataran tinggi = plateau]
daun leaf
daya power, energy, capacity
dayung oar, bicycle pedal
debu dust, dirt
deh come on, please, OK (at end - eg Makan deh!, Baik deh ie OK)
demam fever
demi for the sake of, as soon as…..
demi kePentingan tertentu for the sake of certain interests
demikian such, thus, so, in this way, this, such [dlm hal yg demikian],
demikian adanya such is the situation
demikian dengan thus, so
demikian juga likewise
demikian rupa in such a way
dendam revenge
dengan with; use instead of "dan" where there is a "with" meaning; by , by means of
dengan baik properly (also used with buruk, cepat etc)
dengan demikian so
dengan hormat Dear Sir
dengan jalan by mean of
dengan sekaligus suddenly, all at once
dengan siapa? With whom am I speaking
depan front, ahead, coming, next
derajat degree
deretan row, line, series
derita suffering
desak(an) pressure, push - as in a crowd, jossle
detik second, sound of ticking
dewa god, idol
dewan council, court, board
Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat House of Representatives
dewasa (orang) adult
Dewi Sri goddess of rice
di antaranya amongst others
di hadapan in front of, in the presence of
di hadapkan to point toward s.t.
di kejar be pursued
di mana mana everywhere
di samping itu besides that
di sebelah mana in which direction?
di suatu tempat somewhere
di tentannya opposed to
diadakan to be held
diadali to be brought to justice
diam-diam very quietly
diancuk dammit! Fuck you! (Jv)
diare diarrhoea
dinas service, duty
dini early
dini hari early dawn
diri self, own, person, you
dirimu you
disain design, pattern
disebut that mentioned, is called
DKI Daerah Khusus Ibukota
dobrak smashed, broken open (of door)
doa prayer (ber-)
domba sheep
dompet wallet
dong at end of sentence, to make it mild, you should already know
dongkol irked, resentful
dorong push
duaganda double
duga guess
duit money (sama uang)
duka grief, sorrow
dukun witchdoctor
dukungan support
dulu/dahulu in the past (closer past is tadi, baru), first (before doing s.t. else), previously, formerly
dungu idiot
duri thorn, spike
dusun village far from urban areas
duta ambassador
eja spell (words) (men-)
ejekan ridicule
ember bucket
emper awning
empuk soft (mattress), tender (meat), easy to cheat
enak nice, pleasant, tasty, delicious
enaknya easiest way to do s.t.
enakan more pleasant, more confortable
enggan reluctant, unwilling
entah(lah) who knows, I don't know
entah…entah whether…or whether [entah betul entah salah]
erat tight, firm, close
etika ethics
etiket label
fajar dawn
fasih fluent
fatwa instructions. guidance of older person
filsafat philosophy
fitnah slander, libel
G30S Gerakan 30 September
gabungan merger, federation
gagah strong, handsome of body
gagal fail
gagang handle
gagasan ideas, concept
gairah hidup zest for life
gaji salary, wages, pay
gak nggak
galak fierce, wild, threatening
galang girder, supporting beam
gambang xylophone type intrument in gamelan
gampang easy, easily
ganas cruel, violent, vicious
ganggu disturb, bother, tease, (meng-)
ganteng handsome, dashing
ganti change, substitute, replace (e.g. clothes, trains, buses) (men-)
gantikan substitute for, replace with
gantung hang
gantungan hanger (for clothes)
gara-gara just because of
garis line, stroke, streak, scratch (meng-)
garis-garis stripes
garis kemiskinan poverty line
gas excellerator
gawat serious, terrible
gaya force, power, energetic, appearance, model, style, grace, elegant
gaya hidup lifestyle
gaya khasnya own specific style
gayung water dipper (as in mandi)
GBHN broad outlines of national direction [Garis-garis Besar Haluan Negara]
gegap gempita uproarious, noisy, clamourous
geger commotion, tumult
gejala symptom, indication, tendency
gelandang (tengah) half back
gelap dark
gelap mata go beserk, run amuck
gelap pikiran go beserk, run amuck
gelar title, academic degree, nickname
geli ticklish
gelisah nervous, worried
gelombang wave (of surf, hair etc)
gemar to like, to be fond of (meng- ..i)
gembira delighted, keen, enthusiastic, happy
gempa bumi earthquake
gempor uproar, commotion
genap exactly enough, whole
gendang drum
genggam grip, fist, handful (meng-)
gengsi prestige
genit flirtatious (women to men)
genting roof tile
gerakan a movement
gerbong railway carriage
gerobak truck, wagon, van, cart
gigi gears
giliran turn (say in a queue)
girang glad, happy
golongan group, party
goncang shake
gosak polish (say teeth), brush (meng-)
goyah wobbly, loose
GR gede rasa (swollen headed) - also gotong royong
gugup panicky, nervous, jittery
guling round Indonesian pillow
gulungan roll of (something), spool
guna to, in order to
guna(kan) use, benefit, utility
gundah depressed, dejected
gundul bald, bare, leafless
gunting scissors, clippers
guntur thunder
habis the reason is, what else could one expect, how else could it be
hadiah gift, present, prize
hadir be present
Haji Mabrur Haji accepted by god
hakim a judge
hal case, thing, condition, circumstance, affair, matter
halaman front yard, page
halangan barrier [also alangan]
halau expel s.o.
hama pest, disease, infection
hamil pregnant
hampir almost, nearly, close by
hancur shattered, smashed
hangat warm (of temperature)
hantu ghost
hanya saja only
harap (ber-) (meng-) please, hope (used in formal writing rather than tolong)
harap + verb has tone of a command or imperative
harapan hope, expectation, trust
harga bersaing competitive price
harga mati fixed price
hari ulang tahun birthday
harta property, wealth
hartawan wealthy person
harum sweet-smelling, fragrant
hasil result/s, product
hawa weather, atmosphere, climate
hebat amazing, excellent, great, terrific, cool!
helai sheet of something (group classifier)
hendak wish, will, shall
hendaknya is desirable, it ought to
hentikan stop
heran surprised, amazed, astonishment
hewan animal
hiasan decorated
hiburan entertainment
hidang service
hidangan dish, offer, presentation; a serve of food
hidangkan to serve st
hidung nose (hidung mancing = large, hidung pesek = small/flat)
hidup to live, alive
hidupan life (also kehidupan)
hijau green
hijrah to flee (the flight from Mecca)
hilau expel s.o.
hindari avoid
hingar-bingar tumultuous
hingga until (something occurs), to the extent that, so that
hingga sekarang up to now
hormat respect, honour
hormat saya/kami respectfully yours
hubaya-hubaya especially
hubungan links, connection, relationship, sexual intercourse
hubungi contact
hujan rain
hujat blasphemy
hukum legal, law, sentence
hukuman punishment, jailing
hunian occupancy rate
huru-hara confusion, alarm
huruf letter, character
hutan jungle
ia dia
ialah is
ibadah devotional act
ibu-bapak parents
ide idea
ikat bunch, band, bundle (also woven cloth)
ikut to follow along, go along (mengikuti); attend
ikutilah! Follow!
ingat remember (meng-)
ingin desire for
ini dia here it is!, this it it!
insinyur engineer
ipar brother/sister-in-law
isi contents
isu issue
isyarat sign, signal
itik duck
itu dia that's it, precisely, exactly
itulah of that (e.g., karena itulah)
itulah hidup that's life
itulah sebabnya that's why
iya yeah!
iya deh! OK!
jabatan position, post, office
jabatan tangan handshake
jadi so; therefore; become, to happen, thus
jadwal timetable, schedule
jagal butcher
jagalah! Look after it
jagung coin
jahat evil
jahe ginger
jahit sewing (men-)
jalan-jalan protokol main (prestigious) thoroughfare of city
jalan jauh far
jalankan run (inc. run a business)
jalur lane (eg lane of traffic)
jam tangan (wrist) watch
jaman era
janda widow (widower = duda)
jangan-janga said before announcing bad news
jangan begitu don't be like that
jangankan…..pun not only…even [jangankan rumah, kamar pun….]
janggut beard
jangka period of time, phase
jangkerik cricket (also euphemist for dammit)
janji date, appointment, promise
jantung heart
jarak distance
jarang seldom, rarely
jari finger
jas coat, jacket
jatuh fall (e.g. jatuh cinta atau jatuh hati)
jauh malam late at night
jawaban answer, reply
jebol break down (eg door)
jejaka bachelor, young unmarried man
jelang-menjelang to visit each other
jelas clearly, it is clear
jelek ugly, bad, evil, not good, poor quality
jemaah religious community, assembly (also jamaah, jemaat)
jemput meet, to call for (men-)
jemur dry in sun
jenis kind, sort, type
jerami hay
jeritan scream
jeruk orange, citrus
jika if (s.t that might happen), in case of, when (not as positive as kalau)
jikalau same as jika
jilat brown nose, lick arse (penjilat), lick
jin demon, ghost, spirit
jingga orange (colour)
jodoh marriage partner
jorok dirty
judul title (of book, film etc)
juga also, too, anyway
jujur honest
jumlah the total, sum
jumpa meet
jura bicara spokesman
juru expert, skilled workman
jurusan direction
justru precisely
jutawan millionaire
kabarnya its news, also used to mean "it is said" & "rumour has it", they say
kabupaten regency - Indonesian administrative area, residence of...
kabur hazy
kabut fog, mist
kaca glass, page of book
kacamata spectacles
kacau confused, disorganised, a mess
kadang-kadang sometimes
kado gift, present = hadiah
kaget shock, surprised, startled
kagum admire, astonished
kaidah-kaidah rules
kain cloth, textile, material
kaitan connected
kakek grandfather
kala time, epoch, period, era (e.g., dulu kala - in former times)
kalah defeated, lose
kalangan circle, group
kalangan umat religious community
kalau if (something that should happen), when
kalau begitu if that is so, in that case
kalau boleh if possible
kalau tidak salah if (I'm) not mistaken
kalau yang ini (bagaimana) how about this one?
kalau…maka if…then
kalau-kalau lest (for fear that…)
kalbu heart/mind
kaleng tin (container)
kali time (root in mathematics - satu kali = once, tiga kali sehari)
kalian addressing a mixed group; less formal than saudara-saudara, you (plural)
kamar tunggu waiting room
Kamis Thursday
kan (1) short for akan - used for emphasis "Kita kan teman"
Kan (2) short for bukan; isn't it?
kanan kiri both sides
kangen to long for, longing
kanker cancer
kantong pocket (also kantung)
kantong kempes flat broke
kap salon hair salon
kapal ship
kapan? When (consider using kalau - "never take future for granted")
kapan-kapan one of these days
kapas, katun cotton
karena because
karena itu so, because of that
kartu card
kartu ucapan terima kasih thank you card
karyawan worker, labourer, white collar worker??
kasar course, rough, rude
kasih affrection, love
Kasihan! Poor thing!; I'm sorry for you, pity
kasur mattress
kasus case (e.g. legal)
kata (orang) it is said, people say
kata orang people say
kata Pak (Pak said)
kata Siapa? (who said so, this)
katanya he/she said (use for quoting someone - place at end), it is said
kawah crater
kawan friend
kawasan district
kawat (berduri) (barbed) wire
kawin to marry
kaya-raya very wealthy
kayu wood, stick
keadaan situation, condition
keadaan berantakan mess
keadilan justice, justness
keamanan security
keayuan beauty
kebagian be allotted a place
kebaikan hati kindness
kebangsaan nationality
kebanyakan too much, most, the majority
kebarat-baratan in the west
kebaya blouse, jacket (Javanese style)
kebelet urgent need to go something (eg WC) (Javanese)
kebenaran truth
keberangatkan departure
keberatan objection [varies from root]
keberhasilan success
kebetulan coincidently, by chance
kebiasaan the custom, habit
kebilangan well known
kebolehan ability, skill cleverness
kebudayaan culture, civilisation
kebutuhan a need, necessity
kecaman criticism
kecamatan subdistrict
kecemasan worry, anxiety
kecenderungan inclination, preference, tendency
kecepatan speed
kecewa disappointed
kecoa cockroach
kecuali except
kecuali itu besides, besides that
kedaerahan regionalism
kedatangan arrival
kediaman residence
kedua second
keduanya both
kedudukan position, situation, social rank, residence
keengganan dislike
keesokan harinya the next day
kegemaran hobby
kegiatan activities
keHadiran presence, attendance
Kehakiman judicial affairs
keharusan necessity, a must
kehendak desire
keindahan beauty
keinginan wish, desire
KeJanggalan discordency, impropriety
keju cheese
kejuaraan championship
kejutan a surprise; shock
kekacauan chaos, total confusion
kekal everlasting
kekar solid (of body, build)
kekasih lover, beloved
kekecewaan disappointment
kekecilan too small
kekurangan shortage
kelabu grey, ash-covered (e.g. Kamis Kelabu)
kelahiran birth, birthplace (also tempat lahir)
kelambatan delay
kelambu mosquito net
kelamin sex
kelangsungan performance
kelebihan excess
kelenteng Chinese temple
kelihatan can be seen, visible, gives the impression, seems
kelinci rabbit
kelir a screen
keliru wrong
kelompok group, crowd
keluhan complaint, sigh, groan
kelurahan political district headed by a lurah
kemakmuran prosperity
kemalingan robbery (from house etc., owner does not know)
kemaluan genitals [varies from root]
kemari come here
kemarin dulu day before yesterday
kematangan over ripe
kematian death
kembar twins
kemeja shirt (see also baju)
kemenangan victory
kemeriahan merryment
kemesraan love, feeling of being intimate, absorption
kemiskinan poverty
kempes flat tyre
kemudian then, afterwards, later
kemunafikan hypocrisy
kemungkinan possibility
kena struck by
kenaikan rise, increase
kenal to know, acquainted with
kenal baik dengan dia really know him/her well
kenalan friends
kenangan souvenir, memory
kenangan pahit/manis bitter/sweet memories
kencing urine, to urinate
kendali reins; eg reins of power
kendang drum
kendaraan vehicle
kendaraan bermotor motor bike
kendati (pun) although (kendati demikian = although such was the case)
kendi jar, jug
kendur slack, loose, flabby
kentang potato
kenyataan fact, data, truth, reality
kepanasan suffering from the heat
kependudukan demography
keperluan a need, a requirement
keperluan sehari-hari daily necessities
kepingin desire, would like, eager, long for
kepiting crab
keponakan niece/nephew
kepribadian identity, personality, individuality
keprihatinan concern (about)
kepulauan archipelago
kera monkey
kerajinan tangan handicrafts
keram cramp
keramah-tamahan hospitality
keramaian noise, bustle, festivity
keran tap
kerang shell, shellfish, mussels
keranjang basket
kerap close, often, frequently
keras loud/hard/harsh
kerberangkatan departure
kerelaan blessing, goodwill
keren impressive if man. Wah, keren betul (Hey Hot Stuff)
keRendahan humility, humbleness
kering dry (of land)
keringat sweat
keriting curly
kerok rubbing coin on back with oil
kerongcong style of Indo pop music
kerongkongan throat
kerukunan harmony, concord
kerumunan a crowd
kerusahan disturbances, destruction, damage
kerusakan breakdown
kesadaran awareness, realisation
kesaktian supernatural powers
kesal fed up, annoyed, unlucky
kesasar lost
kesatria act with noble qualities
kesatuan unit
kesayangan favourite, love,...express compassion, pity
kesehatan health
keselamatan safety, security
kesempatan opportunity, occasion
kesepakatan agreement
kesiangan slept in
kesimpulan conclusion
kesukaan favourite
kesukaran difficulty...also...
kesulitan difficulty
kesurupan possessed by a spirit, act unusual (Javanese)
ketabahan determination
ketan hitam sticky rice (ketan = glutinous rice)
ketenangan peace
ketenangan batin inner peace
keterangan information, explanation, definition
keterbatasan limitation
keterlaluan too much
ketersediaan availability
ketertiban law and order
keterus terangan direct thoughts
ketetapan decision
ketidak-adilan injustice
ketidak-puasan dissatisfaction
ketika when (specific event in the past) = waktu, tatkala
ketinggalan left behind, miss (eg train)
ketua chairman, chief, president
keturunan descendent
keuletan perseverance
kewanitaan femininity
khotbah sermon
khusus special
khutulistiwa equator
kiai, kyai Islamic religious leader, scholar
kian (hari) kian thus, so far, more and more (used comparatively; eg kian hari kian banyak )
kiasan figure of speech, metaphor, allegory
kikir stingy
kilat lightning, express (as in train or bus)
KIM Kartu Izin Menetap (Residence Permit)
kimia chemistry, chemist
kipas fan (wind)
kiper golakeeper
kira-kira estimate, about
kira begitu ...think so
kiranya apparently, it seems, please, kindly, however
kisah story
KKN korupsi, kolusi and nepotisme
kok, koq to emphasise you feel strongly about, or disappointed
koma point; e.g 2.5
kompor listrik electric stove
konon it is said, they said
konton cash payment (perhaps archaic)
kopor suitcase, trunk
korban victim
korek api match, a light (ada kopek api?)
kosakata vocabulary
Kostrad Komando Cadangan Strategic TNI AD (cadangan = reserve)
kotak square, box
kotor dirty, filthy, vile
kotrek corkscrew
KTP Kartu Tanda Penduduk/Pengenal (residence ID)
kuas cat paint brush
kuat afford, strong
kuburan grave, cemetery
kucing cat
kuda horse
kuku nail, claw, fingernail
kukuh sturdy, strong, tenacious
kukuhan strengthen
kukus steam (see also uap)
kukus(lah) steam (imperative)
kulkas fridge
kuluhan complaint
kumis moustache
kunci tertinggal lock out
kuno old-fashioned, out-of-date, ancient, conservative, antique
kupu-kupu butterfly
kura-kura turtle
kurang ajar rude, impolite
kurang dari under, less than
kurang lebih more or less
kurs exchange rate
kursi chair
kursus course
kurus thin
kusut tousled (of hair), rumpled (of clothes)
kutu flea; louse
kwitansi receipt
laba-laba spider
laci drawer
lagi and also, as well as
lagi-lagi again and again
lagi pula further, besides, what's more, moreover
lahir be born
lain other, different, another
lain kali next time, in future
lainya (apa) what else?
laku (1) behaviour, conduct, attitude
laku (2) in demand, popular
lakukan do, carry out, perform (Apa yang anda lakukan..? you doing)
lalin lalu lintas
lalu then (at a particular point in time) as is "he then turned left"
lalu lalang back and forth
lalu lintas traffic (lintas = move quickly across)
lalu(1) then, last
lalu(2) pass (e.g to pass through here)
lama long, old, former, long time (of things)
lama-kelamaan gradually
lama-lama after some time, at last
lamaran job application, marriage proposal
lambat late, slow moving
lampir attachments
lancar fluent, smooth (of discussions), fast or swift (or cars, ships etc)
landasan basis
langganan regular customer, subscription
langit sky
langit-langit ceiling
langkah step, stride, step, action
langsing slender, slim
langsung direct, straight, immediately, straightaway
lanjut advanced
lanjutan continuation
lantai floor, story (of a building)
lantaran because = more colloquial than karena or sebab
lantas then next (good for directions), straightaway, directly, forthwith, then
lanyah mud(dy)
lap cloth, wiper (melap = to wipe), teatowel
laporan report, account
larangan prohibition
larut soluble, dissolved
latihan training, practice, exercise (berlatih=to practice)
laut sea
lautan ocean
lawan opponent; opposite; against
lawang door
layak reasonable, decent, proper , fitting
layaknya as if
layang-layang kite
layar a sail, a screen, a camera shutter
layu withered, faded
lebah bee
lebar wide
lebat thick (of jungle or hair), concentrated (heavy - of hujan)
lebih baik it's better that = sebaiknya [with daripada]
lebih dulu in advance, before(hand), in anticipation
lebih enak more agreeable, more comfortable, preferable
lebih laku more popular
lebih lanjut further
lebu dust
lecet scratch, bruise, blister
ledak explode (of a bomb)
lega relieved, free (from worry)
leher neck
lekas hurry up, quickly; as soon as possible
lekat sticky, cling (me-)
lelah tired, worn out, exhausted
lelakon life story, story in a shadow play
lelucon joke, jest
lem glue
lemah weak (of body, argument etc), limp,supple
lemak fat, grease
lemari cupboard
lembab damp, moist, humid
lembaga institution
lembah valley
lembah kehidupan life's difficulties
lembek soft (of piillow etc), mushy (of porridge), loose, slack (of rope), weak
lengan arm
lengang deserted, lonely, quiet, slack (of business), vacant, unoccupied
lengkap complete, fully equipped, comprehensive
lenyap gone, disappeared (from sight)
lepas casual, unattached, free, escaped
lepat snack (k.o.) made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves
lepuh blister
lereng slope (of a mountain), rim of a wheel, edge of a coin
letak location, situated (terletak = can be found)
letus sound of a loud explosion, explode, errupt (me-)
lewat past, via
lewat udara by air
lezat tasty, delicious, savoury
lho! My! (exclamation at hearing the unexpected) Javanese
liar wild, primitive, illegal, unauthorised
licik sly, crafty
licin slippery, glossy, smooth, bare (of land)
lidah tongue
lihat-lihat sight-seeing
lilin candle
limau citrus fruit (see also jeruk)
lingkungan district, area, circle, environment, surrounding
lipat fold, crease [NB. Good example of ke- me- pe-]
lirik sharp glance, a glance to left or right
lisan oral, spoken
lodeh k.o. vegetable dish cooked with coconut milk
logam metal
logat accent, dialect
loket ticket window
lomba contest, race
lonceng bell
londo westerner (Jv)
lonjong oval, tapering, pointed, egg shaped (especially of faces)
lorong path, alleyway, hallway
lowong empty, vacant, unfilled
LSM lembaga swadaya masyarakat
luang empty, free, not busy
luar out, external (ke luar = gone out, di luar = outside)
luar biasa extraordinary, unusually
luas spacious, wide, extensive
lubang/lobang hole
Luber langsung, umum, bebas, rahasia (direct, public, free and secret {elections})
lucu (2) cute
lucu (1) funny
lugu simple
luka cut, injury, wound
lukisan painting; drawing
lulusan graduate
lumayan average; not big, not small, so-so, reasonable, moderate
lumpur mud, mire (ber- = muddy)
luntur fades, runs (warna), changeable (of opinion)
lurah village chief
lurus straight(line), honest, righteous, fair
lurus ke depan straight ahead
lusa day after tomorrow
lusin dozen
lusuh old and faded (esp. of paper, cloth)
lutut knee
macan tiger
macet/macat jammed, snarled up, stalled; blocked
madu honey, very sweet (of a smile), co-wife
magang over-ripe (buah)
maha- prefix for omni- great, highly
mahkamah court of law
mahkota crown
mahluk/makhluk creature
mainan (1)play (noun) (bermain verb)
mainan (2)toys
majikan employer, boss
maju advance, go forward, improve, thrive, progressive
maka acts like a comma - therefore, that's why, so, then
maka then, so (especially following a "kalau" or "bila" statement), this, consequently
makam grave
makan waktu time it takes; e.g. makan waktu lima jam; also time consuming
makanya consequently, because of this, no wonder
maki-maki bad language
makin lama increasing over time, more and more
maklumlah this is understandable, since, you know how it is?
makmur prosperous, densely populated, lively
makna meaning, purpose
maksud saya what I mean is...
malah in fact, instead, on the contrary
malah(an) on the contrary, instead, in fact
malang unlucky,unfortunate
malang(lah) unfortunately
maling thief, steal
malu bukan main! Very embarrassed
mampir visit, drop in
mampu able, well-to-do, wealthy,capable
mana boleh! how it this possible
mana jalan which road
mana kala whenever
mana mana everywhere, anywhere, wherever
mancing fishing (me-)
mancung sharp, pointed (especially of hidung)
mandiri independent, stand alone
mangkok bowl, dish
manja spoiled, attached, friendly, intimate, close in feeling
mantan former
manusia man, humans, mankind, humanity
mapan established, in proper place
marak glow, lustre
mari please feel free, come on! (similar to silakan but less formal)
Marinir marines
masa time, time period, during, phase
masa laku period of validity
masa lalu in the past
masa sekarang nowadays
masak ripe, cooked,cook (me-)
masakan cooking, food
masaklah to cook (imperative)
masal massive
masam sour
masih terlihat in the distancel
masing-masing respectively, each
massa mass (size/volume)
masuk akal reasonable, makes sense
masuk angin wind has entered me - catch a cold, feel off-colour
masuk kandang to be knocked out of a competition
masukan input
masukkan to add st (imperative)
mata the important part of something, the source
mata air well, spring
mata kaki ankle
mata pencarian livelihood
matahari terbanam sunset
matahari terbit sunrise
matang ripe, done; cooked
mati dead, stopped functioning, light out, tap off, extinguish fire etc
mayat human corpse
mebel furniture
medan square, field, plain, domain, realm
meja penerangan information desk
meLahirkan give birth to
melainkan but rather, instead
melaksanakan bring about, perform, implement, carry out
meLakukan to carry out, make do, bring out, commit
meLamar apply for; also to propose
meLambung to overtake, to jump up and down
meLanda to act violently, knock down s.o
meLanggani be a regular customer at…
meLanggar knock over, bump into, knock down, against
meLangkah step forward
meLanjutkan to continue with
meLantik to install, to inaugurate
melarutkan to dissolve st
meLawan to oppose, to contradict, to fight
meLayani to serve
meLebih-lebihkan exaggerate
meLedak to erupt
meLempar to throw
meLetakkan to place, to put, to set down
meLetup to explode, to erupt (smaller than letus)
meLetus to explode, erupt
meLewati to go through, beyond
melindungi protect
meLintas to pass by quickly, to take a shortcut
meLiputi to cover, to envelop ALSO to comprise, include
melola run, manage s.t
meLompati pagar to jump the fence
melonjak jump up (rise - say prices)
meLonjak tajam to jum up (increase) sharply
meLontarkan to through s.t.
meluap overflow (of a river), boil over (of water), flare up
meLupakan to forget, leave behind
memadukan (P) unite, join, merge
memahami (P) to understand (deeply)
memakai (P) to use
memaksa (P) to force, compel
meMalukan embarrassing
meManfaatkan to exploit
memang indeed
memang begitu that's how it is
memanggil (P) to call
memantau (p) monitor s.t., observe
meMatikan to kill; to switch off
memBagi to share
memBalik to turn over (also terbalik), to reverse
memBandingi to compare, to match, to equal
memBandingkan to compare to
membantah to oppose, to dispute
memBara to burn, smoulder
memBatalkan to cancel
memBatasi to restrict, to limit
memBela to look after, care for, provide material support
memBelah to divide into two [di sebelah = next to; sebelah = on one side]
memBentuk to form, fashion, shape
memBerantas combat, fight against, eliminate
memBereskan to tidy up, to put in order, to fix up, to manage
memberhentikan to dismiss
memberi tumpangan to accommodate someone
memberikan doa restu give blessing and prayer
memBeritahu to inform someone
membesar-besarkan to exaggerate
memBiarkan to leave alone, to allow, let it happen
memBicarakan talk about, discuss…..
memBidikkan to aim (say rifle) at
memBikin to make, to do
memBilang to count [memHitung = to calculate]
memBuang to throw away
memBuat to make, to do to cause
memBuktikan to prove s.t.
memBunuh to kill, to murder
memBuru to hunt, to chase
memBusuk to be rotten, decayed, to become infected
membutakan to make blind
memegang (P) to hold
memekik (P) to scream
memeLihara to keep, to look after
memembak (T) to fire a gun
memendam (P) hide away, bury
mementingkan (p) to consider important
memenuhi (P) to fill, to comply, to meet a demand
memenuhi permintaan to comply with a request
memerintahkan (P) to order s.t.
memetik (P) to pick, pluck
memFoto to take photo
memikul (P) to carry on shoulders [pikul=137lbs]
memimpin (P) to lead, to guide
meminjam (P) to borrow
meMinta to ask (very formal - use minta)
memotret (P) to take photo.
mempelai brides & bridegrooms
mempengaruhi to be influential to…
memperBaiki to repair
memperHatikan to pay attention
memperIngati to commemorate
memperJuangkan to struggle for s.t.
memPerkosa to rape
memperKuat to strengthen
memperMainkan to make fun of
memperOleh to gain, obtain, get
memPesona to enchant, to enthrall
mempundak to carry on back
memputuskan to terminate, break-off, to decide
memuaskan (P) to be satisfactory
memupuk foster
memutihkan (P) to whiten, to bleach
meMutlakkan to be absolutely essential
memutuskan (P) to decide
menabuh (T) to strike a gong, gamelan or other percussion instrument
menabung (T) to save money (tabung = a bamboo tube)
menadah (T) holds hands upwards (as in begging); store liquids; receive stolen goods
menakutkan (T) to feel fear, to cause s.o. to be fearful
menampung taking in
menanami (T) to plant
menandaskan (T) to state firmly
menang win, pass exam
menangkap (T) to catch, to arrest, to understand
meNanti to wait
menantu son/daughter-in-law
menari (T) to dance
menaruh (T) to put, to place, to maintain (Colloquial)
menatap (T) to observe closely (tatap)
menawan (T) captured
menawarkan (T) to offer
menCangkul to hoe (prepare ground)
menCantumkan to include, to attach, stick, pin on etc
menCapai to reach, to attain, to grasp
menCatat to note down, to register
menCekam tense
menCelok striking, glaring
menCeritakan to tell (to describe = mengGambarkan)
menCetak to create, to publish, to achieve
mencicipi to taste (repeatedly), nibble at small quantity
menCiptakan to create, to conceive
menDadak to be sudden
Mendagri minister of internal affairs
menDaki to climb (a hill or mountain)
menDalami have a deep understanding
mendampingi to accompany, flank, closely assist s.o.
menDapat to get, to receive, to find, to earn
menDarat to land
menDatang upcoming
menDekati to approach (an object)
menDekatkan to move something closer
menDera to whip, to be stingingly painful (dera)
menDerita to suffer, to bear, to endure
menDeru to howl, to roar (said made by storm)
menDesak to urge, to push, to shove
mendiang the late; deceased
menDirikan to build, to erect
menDobrak to break through (say a door)
menDorong to push, to urge, to motivate, to provide the impetus
menduduki sit on, occupy territory
menDudukkan to seat somebody/thing/where, to marry off
menDukung to support (a cause); to carry as o. would carry a child
menegaskan (T) to explain, to clarify
menEja to spell
menelan pil pahit. to swallow bitter pil
menemani (T) to accompany (teman)
menempatkan (T) put, place (see also menaruh)
menengok to visit
menentukan (T) to decide, to determine, to stipulate, to establish
menerangkan to explain
menerapkan to apply st
menerima (T) to receive, to accept
menerka (T) to guess, to surmise
menertawakan (T) to laugh at, to make laugh (see tertawa)
meneruskan to continue
menetap (T) to settle at (eg permanent residence), to stabilise
mengAcapi to soak, to flood or inundate something
mengAdakan organise, arrange, hold, give, deliver (a lecture), create, make, launch, cause
mengAdu to complain
mengAdukan complain about
mengAdukan to complete
mengagumi (K) to admire, to be amazed by
mengagumkan K to be astonished, amazed, admirable
mengAiri to irrigate
mengAjak invite
mengAjar to teach
mengAku to confess
mengAkui to acknowledge, admit, recognise.
mengalahkan (k) to defeat s.o; to overcome s.t
mengAlir to flow, to pour, to streamed down
mengAmuk to run amock
mengandung (K) to contain within it (from kandung = womb)
mengAngkat to lift
mengAngkut to transport something
mengAnjurkan suggest, propose, recommend
mengantar to deliver
mengAntarakan to take; to accompany
mengantuk (K) to be sleepy, to doze off
menGarisBawahi to underline
mengArtikan to comprehend
mengAsuh take care of, bring up, educate
mengatakan (K) to say
mengAtasi overcome (to)
mengAwali preceded by
mengAwasi to look after
mengEdari to travel all over the country, to traverse, to cross
mengejutkan (K) frightened, surprised
mengelah (K) to complain
mengElakkan to avoid
mengembalikan (K) bring back, to return, to send back
mengEmis to beg
mengemudi (K) to drive
mengemukakan to suggest, to propose
mengenai (K) to hit, strike, touch, affect, impinge upon, about, in respect to
mengenai (Kena) concerning, to hit, to touch, about (Film mengenai Indonesia)
mengenakan (K) to wear
mengenal (K) to get to know, recognise
mengenalkan (K) to introduce s.o
mengerjakan (K) to carry out, perform a task, complete
mengetahui (T) to know, to understand - This is irregular
mengetok (K) to knock
mengGambarkan to describe
mengGanggu to interfere, to tease
mengGantikan to replace
mengGelar to spread out (e.g. a mat)
mengGiring to herd
mengGunakan to use
mengHabiskan finish one's story, job etc; spend time; use up, consume, finish off
mengHadapi to face
mengHaluskan to grind (to make fine, to refine)
mengHambat to obstruct
menghantam to strike hard, pound, pummel, attack vigorously
mengHargai to appreciate, to value
mengHasilkan produce
menghatur to say, announce - very formal version of mengucapkan
menghembus to blow, to breathe
mengHendaki to wish for s.t.
mengHiasi to adorn, to decorate
mengHidangkan to serve up food or drink
mengHiraukan to pay attention to
mengHirup to inhale, sniff, sip at
mengHitung to count
mengHormati to respect
mengHubungi to contact
mengHubungkan to connect, to join, to unite
menghukum judge, punish, sentence
mengIkat to tie, to fasten
mengIkuti to follow
mengInap stay overnight (often shortened to Nginap)
mengInjak step on (the floor)
mengIri to envy
mengIringi to accompany, to escort
mengkhianati be traitorous
mengObrol to chat (use rather than bercakap-cakap)
mengOmel to criticise, complain
menguasi (K) to have control over, to be able to master
mengUcapkan to utter, to pronounce
mengumpan pass the ball to s.o. to score
Mengumpulkan (K) to collect, to gather
mengumumkan to announce
mengUndurkan to go back (to somewhere been before), cause s.o. to go back
mengUngsi flee, evacuate
mengunjungi (K) visit
mengUraikan to explain, to clarify
mengurangi (K) to decrease, lessen
mengUrus organise, arrange, take care of
mengUtip to pick up small bits
menHajar to beat up
Menhankam MENteri PertaHANan dan KeAManan
menHapus to wipe off, to mop
meNikmati to enjoy
menilep (T) to say something shyly
menimbulkan (T) to cause s.t to occur or appear; or come to the surface
meninggal (T) to die
meninggalkan (T) to leave behind
menit minute
menitipkan (T) to ask somebody to keep something for you or do something for you
menjadi-jadi to get worse
menJadikan to create
menJaga to watch, to guard
menjalani travel through somewhere, walk on, go through an endurance
menJalankan to drive (kendaraan), to start (say a car), to perform one's duty, to carry out
menJalar to creep, to spread
menJamu to entertain (guests)
menjauhkan diri darinya refrain from
menJawab to answer
menJelajahi to cruise over seas, cross land area
menJelang to call on, to pay one's respects to, to approach s.o
menJelang towards, before, approaching (in time),
menJelaskan to explain
menJeput to meet
menjerumuskan drop something on its face; make something fall down a hole
menJunjung to carry on the head
menJurus to point, to lead
menKarang to write (an article), arrange (flowers), compose (music) (mengarang)
menolong (T) to help
menonjol (T) stick out, to be conspicuous
Mensesneg Secretary of State
mentang-mentang just/only because (e.g he is rich)
mentari same as matahari
menTerjemahkan to translate
menuju (T) heading towards, to go in a certain direction
menumis(T) to stir fry (imperative = tumis[lah])
menunda (T) to delay. postpone
menunggu (T) waiting, looking forward to
menunjuk (T) to show, to point
menunjukkan (T) to prove, to show, to point
menuntut (T) to demand
menurut ….. according to
menutup (T) to close (tutup = lid)
menyadari (S) to realise s.t
menyadarkan (S) to make realise (sadar)
menyalami (S) to greet
menyampaikan (s) convey, extend (information), hand over, deliver
menyampaikan (S) salam give regards to...
menyangka (s) to be suspicious
menyangkut (S) to concern, to involve
menyarani (S) to suggest something
menyarankan (S) to suggest something to someone
menyatukan (S) to become a unit
menyayangkan (S) to love
menyebabkan (S) to cause
menyebarkan (S) to spread s.t.
menyeberang (S) to take across (road, in boat etc), to cross, to be accessible
menyedot (S) to suck, inhale, sip from
menyelenggarakan (S) to run s.t., to take care of, to operate, to organise, to execute
menyelingi (S) to go in between, to intervene
menyemut (S) to swarm
menyenangkan (S) pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable
menyepakati (S) to agree upon
menyerahkan hand over s.t (serah)
menyeru call, hail a cab
menyerupai (S) To resemble
menyesal (S) to be sorry, to regret
menyetir (S) to drive
menyia-nyiakan (S) to be in vain
menyiapkan (S) to prepare, to finish s.t.
menyimpkan S to keep, to put away, to save up
menyukai (S) to like
menyuruh (S) to order someone to do s.t
menyusun (S) to heap, to pile, to arrange, to organise, to compose
meRaba-raba to feel one's way
meRaih reach for, achieve
meRambah to clear away
merancang-rancang planning
meRasai to taste, to experience, to suffer
meRayakan to celebrate
meRepotkan (tidak) not be too much trouble
meResahkan cause nervousness and uneasiness
meriah merry, happy
merica pepper
merosot (R) to decline, to sink
mertua parents-in-law
meRupakan to shape, to model, to constitute
meski demikian in spite of this
meski(pun) although, even though, in spite of the fact that…,=walau(pun)
meskipun begitu nevertheless, despite that
meskipun demikian nevertheless, despite that
meskipun…..namun although…..nevertheless
mesti/musti must (more colloquial than harus)
mimbar speaker's platform
minta-minta to beg
minyak oil
misalnya for example, for instance
modal financial capital
moga-moga hopefully
mogok broken down(e.g. car), on strike
Mohon Maaf Lahir Batin forgive me body and soul
momok ghost (which frightens children)
mondar-mandir move back and forth aimlessly
muak/mual nautious, loathe (food or drink)
muat conatin, hold, accommodate (dimuat - contained in)
mudah easy, easily
mudah-mudahan hopefully
mudik to go back to the country, go upstream
muka face, front, page
mula-mula at first, in the beginning
mulut mouth
muncul appears, turn up, emerge
mundar-mandir back and forth
mundur go back, retreat, stand down
mungkin possibly
mungkin lain kali some other time
muntah vomit
murah hati generous
musim hujan wet season
musim kemarau dry season
Muslimin Muslims
mustahil impressible
musuh enemy
musuh-musuh competitors, enemies
musyawarah chat, discuss, confer (ber-)
mutasi transfer to new position (especially govt. official)
mutlak unconditionally, absolute
mutu quality
nafkah basic necessities of life
nafsu passion, lust, feeling (also napsu)
naga serpent, dragon
Nah so, OK, I told you so!, well then!, see!
naik darah blood rising (getting angry)
naksir have a crush on
nalar logical reasoning
nama kecil given name
nampaknya it seems, it looks
namun yet, however
namun apa (juga) no matter what
namun begitu nevertheless, despite that
namun demikian nevertheless, despite that
namun tak berlaku bagi Jakarta  
nanas pineapple
nanda child (respectful in letter from adult)
nangka jackfruit
nasi bungkus cold rice with pieces of fish wrapped in banana leaves
nasib fate, lot, destiny
nasihat advice
nelangsa pity
nelayan fisherman
ngapain what do you like doing (Javanese)
nggak no, not (Javanese = tidak)
ngganteng to act with knowledge one is handsome
ngomong-ngomong by the way, chat (also omong2)
ngotot-ototan dispute, have an argument
niat intention
nih this (ini)
nilai value
nona miss
numpang please (may I impose on you?) -from tumpang
nyala flame
nyalakan switch on
nyaman comfortable, pleasant
nyata plain, clear, obvious
nyata-nyata decidedly
nyenyak to be sound asleep
nyonya married woman
obat medicine, remedy (meng- = to cure)
obrak-abrik smash to pieces
obral sale (shop)
oleh by, by means of, done by, because of
oleh-oleh gifts from a journey
oleh karena because = karena
oleh karena itu therefore, because of that
oleh karena/sebab that is why, because
oleh sebab because = sebab
ombak wave (at sea), also wavy hair
omong kosong talk nonsense
onderdil spare parts
orang-orangan puppet; scarecrow
orang besar VIP
orang dagang merchant
orang luar outsider
orang rendahan person of low social status
ormas mass organisation
otak brain
otot muscle
otot-otot perservere, persist, be obstinate
pada (1) from (short for daripada), in, by, near, according to
pada (2) enough, sufficient
pada hemat saya in my opinion
pada saat ini at this time
pada saat yang sama at the same time
pada umumnya generally
padahal whereas in reality, however it may be.., although, even though
padam extinguished (eg fire), calmed
padat crowded, dense, solid, compact, densely populated
padma lotus
pagar fence, hedge
pagi-pagi benar really early
paha thigh
paham understanding (deeper understanding than mengerti)(mem- .-i)
pahit bitter
pahlawan hero, patriot
pajak taxes, rent
pakar expert
paling-paling at most, at worst
paling baik the best (terbaik)
paling besar the biggest (terbesar)
paling lama the latest
paling sedikit at least
palsu FALSE
paman uncle
panas hati quick tempered or to hurt feelings
panas terik intense heat (from the sun)
pancang stake, pole, column
panci saucepan, pot
pancing fishing rod, hook
pandangan opinion
panen harvest (mem-)
Pangab Panglima Angatakan Darat (Commander of the armed forces)
pangan food
panggang roasted, baked (mem-)
panggil call (mem-)
pangkal root, foundation, beginning (see also dasar)
pangkat rank, position
panglima tertinggi commander in chief
panitia organising committee
panjang long
panjat climb (mem-)
pankalan the beginning [opposite of ujung]
pantangan prohibition, restriction
pantas suitable, nice, it is understandable, no wonder
pantat bum
Panwaslu Panitia Pengawas Pemilu
papan tulis blackboard
parap initials
parit trench, ditch, canal
pariwisata tourism, a tour
parkiran parking place
parpol partai politik (singkatan for political parties)
pasal paragraph, section; (legal) article; concerning, regarding
pasir sand
pasok supply (a certain commodity)
pasti surely [apa anda pasti......saya kurang pasti], definite
pasukan military troops
patah broken, fractured (mem- -kan)
patah hati broken hearted
patok pole, stake
patokan rule, line of action, normal
patuh obedient (mem-(i)
patung statue
patut proper, it is understandable, no wonder
pawai parade
PB pengurus besar (executive board)
PCCP Persatuan Cendekiawan Pembangunan Pancasila
pecah broken, destroyed, split, outbreak (of war)
pecah-belah broken into many pieces
pecat fired, dismissed
pedagang merchant, trader
pedas hot of taste
pedesaan rural area
peduli care about
pegang hold (handle, grasp) (mem-)
peGunungan mountainous area Irregular form
pekan week
peLabuhan harbour (berlabuh = to drop anchor)
peLabuhan udara airport
pelAjaran lesson
peLaku performer, doer
peLancong tourist, sightseer
pelangi rainbow
pelatih trainer, coach
peLawak comedian
peLayan waiter, shop assistant, porter (melayami = to serve)
peledak explosive
pelit stingy
pelosok corner, remote spot
peluang opportunity, chance
peluit siren, whistle, flute
peluk embrace, hug (mem-)
peluk cium a hug and a kiss
peluru bullet
pemain kawakan experienced player
pemain lawan opposing players
pemandangan (P) view, scenery
pemantau (p) observer
peMarah hot headed person
pemasaran (P) marketing
pematang small dyke in rice field
pemBangunan construction, development
pemBantu assistant, servant, porter
pemBauran mixing, assimilation
pemBeli buyer (penjual =seller)
pemberitaan news report
pemeluk (P) follower (of religion) from one who embraces
pemilihan (P) election, choice
pemilu pemilihan umum (general election)
peMogokan strike
penampilan (T) presentation (eg appearance)
penanggalan (T) calendar
penCipta author, creator
penCopet pick pocket
penDapatan income
pendeta clergy (nonIslamic)
penduduk inhabitant
penDuduk setempat inhabitant of a place
pendudukan inhabiting,occupation, bottom
penegasan (T) confirmation
penelitian (T) research, also detailed examination (peneliti = researcher)
Penerangan providing information
penerbang (T) pilot
penerbangan (T) flight
penerbit (T) publisher
pengAcara lawyer
pengAlaman experience
pengAmatan observations (from Amat[2] keep track of, watch closely)
penganan snacks (no root!)
pengAngguran unemployed
pengantin brides & bridegrooms
pengarahan a briefing
pengecut (K) coward
pengeluaran (K) expenses, export
pengembangan (K) development
pengemudi (K) driver, pilot, helmsman
pengerahan (k) conscription, mobilisation
pengGaris ruler
pengGawang goal keeper
pengGemar lover
penggemar fan, supporter
pengHasilan income, production, yield
pengHuni occupant - also peHuni
pengInapan accommodation, inn hotel (see menginap)
pengumuman annoucement
pengUrus manager, organiser
pening dizzy
penjara prison
penJarahan pillage, plunder, looting
penJelasan explanation
penJemputan pickup service, picking up of
penting important
penuh full
penuh sesak crammed, chock full
penumpang (T) passenger
penuturan discussion
penyakit (S) disease, complaint
penyebrangan (S) zebra crossing
penyelenggaraan S implementation, organisation, co-ordination
penyerang (tengah) forward
perabot tools, utensils (see also alat)
perabot rumah Kitchen utensils
perAduan a contest, clash
perak silver
perang war
peRangkap trap, pitfall (note Rangkap can also mean double)
perAngkat equipment
peRasaan feelings
perAturan regulation, system of organisation
perawanan opposition
peRayaan celebration
perBaikan repair, correction
perbaikan repairs, improvement
perBedaan difference
perBelanjaan expenses
perBenturan clash of interests
perCakapan conversation
percaya (vwp) belief
percetakan printery
percobaan experiment, attempt
perCuma in vain (see also siasia)(cuma=merely; perCuma also gratis)
perdata court of justice, civil cases
perek perempuan eksperimental (singkatan)
perEmpatan crossroads, 4 ways
perHatian attention
perHitungan calculation
perhitungan calculation
peRiang cheerful person
periksa check, inspect(mem-)
peringatan warning
peristiwa affair, incident, event, phenomenon
perJalanan journey
perjanjian promise, agreement
perkara matter, case (like hal)
perKawinan (pesta) wedding feast
perKebunan plantation
perKembangan expansion
perkuburan cemetery
perlahan slow, soft of voice
perLengkapan rumah furniture
permai beautiful, pretty
perMainan game,performance, show, acting, tricks played of s.o
permisi dulu to ask permission before doing something
pernah ever, has already
pernah (belum) never yet
pernah (tidak) never
perniagaan commerce, trade
perNikahan wedding
perNyataan declaration, announcement
perPustakaan library
pers the press
perSatuan unity, union, association
perSediaan stock, supply
perSegi square
persekutuan alliance
persenan tips (money) (from persen = %)
perSetan to hell with
perSetujuan agreement
perSimpangan intersection
persyaratan regulations
perTahanan defence
pertama-tama firstly, first of all
perTandingan content, competition, comparison
perTemuan meeting
perTentangan contradiction, conflict, controversy, opposition, resistance
pertenuan textile mill
perTimbangan balacing
pertiwi earth (Ibu pertiwi = mother country)
perTokoan shopping centre
perTolongan aid/assistance
pertunangan engagement
perTunjukan performance
peRumahan housing
perUsahaan company (usaha - effort, industry)
peRusuh rioter
perut rakyat belly of society
perWira hero, man
pesan message, instruction, order (mem-)
pesantren School of Koranic studies for young people, usually boarders
pesat quickly, speedy
pesawat (pes) telephone extension
pesawat terbang/udara aeroplane
pesek flat nosed
peSerta participant
pesta party, feast, festival
peta map
petik pick (mem-)
petualangan escapade
peTunjuk instruction, guideline, advice, guidance, hint, clue, direction
piala dunia world cup
picu trigger
pidana criminal, punishment (legal)
pidato speech
pihak side, party(in a dispute), point of view
pihak keluarga family side; arrangement between families (e.g., marriage)
pijat massage (mem-)
pikir-pikir dulu think twice
pikiran worry, thoughts,common sense (see also buah pikiran)
pilih choose, select
pilihan choice
pimpin lead (mem-)
pimpinan manager
pinang (buah) betel nut
pincang crippled, lame
pinggang waste, loins
pinggir side, edge, brim (pinggir jalan, pinggir laut)
pinggiran edge, outskirts
pinggiran kota suburb
pinggul hip, behind, rear
pinjam borrow, loan (mem-)
pintar clever, smart [see also pandai which relates more to skill]
pintu darurat emergency exit
pipa pipe
pipi cheek (on face)
pirang blonde
piring plate
pisau cukur razor
PJKA Indonesian state railways
plin-plan wishy-washy
pohon-pohonan all types of trees
pohon beringin banyan tree
pojok corner, angle, newspaper column (see also belokan)
pokok main point, theme, motive, subject, have capital
pola pattern, design
polos plain - not patterned
porak poranda mess, disorder
potong piece, lump, slice, be reduced by, take a short cut
potongan deduction from wages, discount, abbreviation
potret photograph (mem- )
prakarsa brave, robust
prakata looking forward, foreword
prakiraan forecast (e.g. prakiraan cuaca)
pramuniaga sales clerk
prasangka prejudice
prasyarat precondition
prestasi achievement, performance
pribadi personal, individual, own (e.g. urusan pribadi)
puas satisfied, content; please
pucat pale (due to illness or fright)
puja worship, adoration
puji praise, praised (mem-)
pujian complement, recommendation
pula also, once more, again, even, moreover, likewise
pulang pergi return ticket (pp)
pulih recovered from an illness, renewed, restored, repaired
puluhan tens (dozens) of...
pun also, again, even, however (for intensification & contrast)
pun demikian also, such was the case
pundak shoulder, neck
punggung back (of body, or seat)
pura Balinese temple; shrine
puri palace, fort
purnama (bulan) full moon
pusing (kepala) dizzy (see also pening)
puskesmas community health centre (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat)
pustakawan librarian
put(e)ra/put(e)ri son/daughter
putar turning, (mem-); also to dial
putar balik to twist, turn around, swindle
putaran circle, wheel, showing (e.g putaran filem)
putaran final finals
putus broken off, conclude (mem- -kan)
putus aliran power cut
putus asa/harapan hopeless, desperate, despairing (asa=hope)
putusan decision, verdict, fracture, break
raga basket, ball made from rattan (rotan)
ragu doubtful
ragu- ragu hesitation, doubt
rahasia secret, mystery
rajin hard-working, diligent
raksasa giant
rakus greedy
rakyat the people, the common person
rakyat jelata the masses, the proletariat
ramai busy, lively, joyous, exciting
ramai orang crowd
ramalan prediction, fortune telling
ramuan herbs, incredients, concoction
rancangan plan, idea [less clear than rencana]
rangka framework
rangkaian series, combination
ransel backpack; rucksack
rantai chain, necklace, series, measure (in ricefields)
rapat (1) close, intimate, tight, high density
rapat (2) meeting
rapi(h) neat/tidy
rasa taste, feel, opinion (merasa = to feel)
rata flat (adjective)
rata-rata on average
ratna jewel
ratu queen
ratusan 100s of (also beratus-ratus)
rawan not safe, troubled, disturbed
rawat take care of, nurse
rebus boiled (me-)
redaksi editorial staff
rekan partner, colleague
rekan-rekan colleagues
rekening bill, account
rem brake
rempah spice, flavouring ('as a commercial, not culinary object')
rendah diri/hati modest, unpretentious
rentan susceptible (to illness, tantrums etc)
reparasi repairs
resah restless, fidgety
resep prescription, recipe
resmi formal, official (pertemuan resmi)
riang cheerful, joyful
rias (muka) make-up
ribut noisy, loud, storm, gale
rinci detailed
rindu longing, yearning, homesick
ringan light (of weight), insignificant
rits(leping) zip
roda wheel
rok skirt, dress
rombongan group/party of people
rongsokan rubbish, worn out articles, wreckage
royal extravagant, overly generous
RT (rukan tetangga) - neighbourhood association, lowest admin. unit
ruang pas/coba fitting room
ruang tamu hotel lobby (ruang = large room), lounge room
rugi suffer financial loss, lose out
rukun pillar (eg 5 pillars of Islam)
rumah tangga housekeeping, household, family
rumit, rumet difficult, hard, knotty, complex, intricate
rumput grass
rupa form, shape, sort, kind
rupanya apparently, it seems
rusa deer
rusak broken, out of order, damaged (me-)
RW (rukan warga) - next to lowest admin. Unit in towns (also RT)
saat ini/itu (pada) at this/that time
saban every, each (e.g. saban hari)
saban-saban time and time again, frequently, at some time or other, whenever..
sabar quiet, patient, calm down
sabuk strap, belt
sabuk pengaman seat belt
sabung competitive fight between animals
sadar aware, realise, conscious
sahabat close friend
saham share, stock, contribution, part or role in an affair
sajen offering, sacrifice (Christians use korban or persembahan)
sajian an offering, dish of food offered to guests
sakit hati hurt (emotional), grief, offended, harboring resentment
sakit parah seriously, mortally sick
saksi witness
sakti magic power
saku pocket, bag, sack
salah satu one or the other, one of (also salah seorang, salah seekor)
salah siapa? who's fault
salam greeting
salam hangat warm greetings/regards
salam sejahtera best wishes
saling each other, mutal(ly)
saluran drain, channel
sama together with
sama-sama you're welcome, don't mention it
sama dengan same as, equal to...
sama sekali completely, absolutely, totally, definitely (sama sekali tidak)
sama sekali tidak not at all
sambil while, at the same time (She sang while playing the piano)
sambung continued (of speech)
sambut to greet
sambutan reception, welcome, address, speech
sampah garbage, litter
sampai until (something happens), to the extent, so that
sampai-sampai even, so that, to the extent that
sampai (1) to arrive, to reach, enough, sufficient (Jaya=sampay)
sampai (2) until, up to (eg 50 sampai 60)
sampai jumpa so long, cheerio!
sampai saat ini belum not until this time
sampaikan to present or deliverr
samping (di) next to (generally more near than sebelah)
samudera ocean
sana-sini there and here
sanak(-saudara) relatives
sandiwara drama, play
sangat very, extremely (see also Amat & Sekali)
sanggup able, capable, be prepared to do
sangka suspicion, opinion, presumption (pada sangka saya)
sangsi doubt
sani-sini here and there, everywhere
santan coconut milk
santet black magic
santun well mannered
sapu broom, sweeping
saputangan handkerchief
saran suggestion (menyarani)
sarapan breakfast
sari flower (taman sari = flower garden); also essence
sari buah juice (sari jeruk etc)
saringan filter, sieve
sarjana scholar
sasaran objective
sata-satu one at a time, in groups of one
satu-satunya the only one
satu arah/jalan one way
satu dua one of two, a few
satu lagi other one, another
satuan unit
saudagar large-scale merchant
saudara-saudara addressing a group (formal)
saya punya mine
sayang affection, pity, regret, compassion, "Oh what a pity"
sayang(lah) unfortunately, what a pity
sayap wing
seakan as if
seakan-akan as if, as though =seolah-olah
seandainya if (supposing) = andaikata & sekiranya
seantara all around
sebab because
sebagai as, such as, like, just like
sebagai berikut as follows
sebagai yang dimaksud as described, as explained
sebagaimana in the same manner as
sebagian part of..
sebagian ada yang benar some of which is true
sebagian besar most of…, the large part
sebaik-baiknya as well as possible
sebaiknya preferably, It would be best if
sebaiknya it's better that = lebih baik [with daripada]
sebal discontent, resentful
sebaliknya, balik on the contrary, reverse, vice-versa, on the other hand
sebanyak mungkin as much as possible
sebarang common, everyday, any
sebatang korek single cigarette
sebelah one half, beside, in the direction of, next to
sebelah mana which mana
sebelum before
sebelumnya before that, beforehand
sebenarnya actually, in fact
sebentar ini just now
sebentar lagi soon; just a minute
seberang other side, opposite; across
sebetulnya actually, in fact
secara in the manner of.., according to, by means of
secepat mungkin as quickly as possible
secercah harapan a slight hope
secukupnya as much as you like
sedang (1) while, is currently doing (as you speak) - also, sufficient
sedang (2) moderate, medium
sedang apa doing what?
sedangkan whereas (at different times - see also sementara) - use for habitual activities
sedap tasteful, delicious
sedapat-dapatnya as much as one is capable of, as much as possible
sedatang(nya) upon arrival
sedekah give alms
sedemikian…sehingga so (very) …..that
sediakan preparation
sedih sad
sedikit demi sedikit gradually
sedikit dikitnya at least
sedu hiccups, sad, a sob
sedunia the whole world
seenak udelnya (sendiri) do as one pleases w/o reference to others (as belly button dictates)
segala all, every, the whole lot (of things that are not uniform)
segala-galanya everything
segala sesuatanya everything
segan-segan shy
segar fresh
segenap all, entire
segera at once, immediate, direct; soon
segera sesudah immediately after
segi side, point of view, angle, sector
segitiga triangle
sehabis after
sehari-hari everyday, life, daily
sehari times per day
sehari suntuk whole day
seharian daily, daily newspaper
seharusnya should, ought to (less emphatic than harus)
sehingga until (something happens), to the extent, so that, with the result that
seikat a bunch
seisi rumah all of (us) in the house
sejahtera prosperous
sejak since
sejarah history
sejauh ini so far
sejuk cool, cold; fresh
sejumlah some, as part of (the total)
sekadar just enough to; just for the sake of…
sekali once
sekali-sekali now and then; occasionally; once in a while
sekali jalan one-way
sekali lagi again
sekali waktu some time (in the future)
sekalian all together, all of you
sekaligus all at once, suddenly
sekalipun although
sekalipun demikian yet
sekarang now, nowadays
sekedudukan of the same status
sekeliling around
sekian thus far, so much, that's that
sekianlah I've had my say, that's all, that's it
sekiranya if (in perhaps, in case) = andaikata & seandainya
sekitar around, about (time or place)
sekurang-kurangnya at least
sela gap, interval, interrupt, auxilliary crop
selagi while (at that time)
selain besides, in addition to, except
selain dari apart from
selain itu in addition, besides that, apart from that
selalu always
selama during, so long as, for (for period of time)
selama-lamanya forever
selamanya for good (always = selalu)
selamatan ceremonial
selambat-lambatnya at the latest
selanjutnya furthermore, from now on
selat stait (in sea)
selekasnya as quickly as possible
selepas after (Colloquial)
selera appetite
selesa space, room, wide, opportunity, occasion
selesma a cold, running nose
selidik accurate, careful, critical, observant
selisih difference (e.g. in a measure), quarrel, dispute
semacam kind of…
semakin more and more
semalam suntuk all night
semangat have enthusiasm, zest, spirit, soul
semangka watermelon
semasa during (in time)
sembah respectful greeting (palms together, touching forehead)
sembahyang prayer (Muslim)
sembako sembilan bahan pokok
sembarang of any kind, no particular one
sembarangan at random, just any, any old
sembelih slaughter
sembuh recover, heal
semenanjung peninsula
semenda related by marriage
semenjak since (literary)
sementara while, at the same time
sementara itu at the same time, in the meantime
semestinya should, ought
seminggu lagi in a week
semir sepatu shoe polish
semoga hopefully
semoga berbahagia wedding greeting
Semoga lekas sembuh! wishing someone a speedy recovery
semoga panjang umur wish (you) long life
semoga sukses best of luck
sempat have sufficient time, opportunity, still be able to do something
sempit squashy, narrow
semprot spray (semprot rambut; semprot nyamuk)
semuanya all together, all of it, everything
semula in the beginning, first, from the beginning
senantiasa always
senapan gun, rifle
seng iron sheeting (like gal. iron)
sengaja on purpose, intentionally, deliberately
senggang free time
seni pahat sculpture
seniman/seniwati artist
senja (kala) twilight
senjata weapon, rifle, gun
senter torch, flashlight
senti centimetre
seolah-olah as if (in a manner like) = seakan-akan
seorang diri alone, by yourself, single
sepakat agreed, unanimously (in harmony)
sepangkat a set of..
sepanjang as long as, all whole of something with dimensions; for the duration of
separo half, part
sepasang pair (sepasang sepatu)
sepenuhnya fully, completely
seperangkatan set (eg. pakaian seperangkatan)
seperei bed sheet
seperempat a quarter
seperti as if, like
seperti ini like this, in this way
sepertiga one third
sepi still, desolute, quiet, lonely
sepotong a piece, a bit
sepulangnya on arriving home
sepupu cousin
seragam uniform (clothing)
serah terima transfer of a function of command
serai lemon-grass
seramai as busy
serang-menyerang attack each other
serangan attack
serangga insect
serap/serep spare, in reserve
seraya while, during
seraya and at the same time (same person)=sambil
serba all kinds of
serbuan an attack, rush, stampede
serentak all at once, suddenly
seri draw, tie
sering (kali) often, frequently
sering/seringkali often
sering-sering quite often
serta and
serta, beserta with, together (beserta along with)
seruan call, cry
serupa similar (men- -I)
sesaat a moment
sesaat-sesaat from time to time
sesak narrow, close, crowded, tight
sesalkan regret
sesampainya upon arrival
sesat to lose one's way, go astray, deviate
sesegera as soon as
seseorang someone, one person, individual, anybody
sesingkat-singkatnya at quickly as possible
sesuai convenient, fit in, match, conforms, harmonises; appropriate
sesuai dengan in accordance with
sesuatu some, one or the other; something, a certain s.t
sesuatu yang lain something else
sesudah later, after = setelah
sesudah itu after that
sesungguhnya(lah) actually, in fact
setahu saya as far as I know
setan devil
setelah after = sesudah
setelah itu after that, then, afterwards
setempat local
setengah half
seterika iron for ironing
setia loyal, faithful
setiba at the time of arrival
setibanya on (s.o's) arrival
Setidaknya in any case
setinggi-tingginya as high as possible
setir steering wheel
setopan bis bus stop
setuju agreed (also setuju tidak!), agree
seumur hidup allthrough life
seusai after
sewa(an) hire, rent
sewaktu at the time
sewenang-wenang act arbitarily
sholat moslem prayer
sia-sia for nothing, wasted, in vain, meaningless
siaga ready, alert
sial unfortunate, bad luck, damn it!
siap to be ready, finished (of work activity) (menyiapkan)
siapa kira I wonder who/when/how
siapa lagi who else?
siapa pula who else?
siapakah? (dia) Who is he/she
siaran broadcast, publicity
sibuk busy, crowded
sidang session meeting
sifat personality, characteristic
sih yet, though (at the end of words), you know, used to soften questions
sikap attitude, posture, position
sikat brush
siku elbow
silang(lah) cross (x)
silet razor blade
SIM Surat Ijin Mengemudi
simak scrutinise
simpanan mistress
simpang branch (of a road etc), deviation
simpangan cross roads
singgah (vwp) to call on, stopover (see also mampir)
sinyal signal
sipil civil
sisa leftovers, the rest, remnant
sisanya remainder (whats left)
sisi side, edge, flank
sisir comb
skuad squad
soal matter, problem, question
soalnya the thing is; this is because
sobat sahabat
songket type of cloth from Sumatra
sopan polite
sotong cuttlefish
spanduk street banner
standar hidup standard of living
steker electrical plug
STM Sekolah Tehnik Menengah
stopkontak power point
suara adzan moslem call to prayer
suasana atmosphere, milieu, situation
suatu a certain something (inspecified)
subang ear plugs
subuh dawn (pada waktu dawn)
subuh dawn, early morning prayer, (subuh2 = very early)
subur fertile, thriving, prosperous
sudah ada has been
sudah dipesan reserved
sudah lama has been for a long time
sudah lewat expired
sudah siap are you finished/ready
sudahlah! Stop it!
sudi acquiesce, be agreeable, willing
sudut corner (say of a city)
suhu (udara) temperature
sukar difficult (see also sulit)
sukarela voluntary
suku bangsa tribe (suku = a quarter)
suku cadang spare parts
sulung eldest child
sumbang out of tune, discordant, incestuous, illicit
sumbat plug (in sink); top (of bottle)
sumpah oath
sumur a well
sunat circumcision
sungai river
sungguh! real, really, true, truly - used for emphasis; see also sekali, betul, benar
sungguhpun even though
supaya in order that, in order to [supaya semua potensi bangsa]
supaya so as, in order to [must have subject] = agar
surat keterangan berkelakuan baik reference of good character
surau little mosque
surga/sorga heaven
suruh order to, order s.o to do s.t
surut to decrease, withdraw
susah troubled, difficulty, sorrow. bothersome
susila modest, demure, decent, well behaved
susun stack, orderly pile
susunan arrangement, organisation, structure, system
sut(e)ra silk
swadaya self-supporting
swalayan self-service
swasta private
syarat condition, prerequisite
syukur(lah) thankfully, thank god
tabrakan crash, road accident
tabungan savings
tahan endure, put up with
tahan hati to control temper, feelings
tahan lama durable, lasting
tahi, tai shit!
tahu adat well-mannered
tahu beres! everything will be fine!
tajam sharp, pointed
takut frightened, scared (saya merasa takut...Takut saya!)
tali rope, cord, string
tamat finished/graduated
tambah add, plus, more
tambahan addition, supplement, furthermore
tambahan lagi/pula furthermore
tambal ban tyre repair (patch)
tambul dessert, snacks that accompany beverages
tampak visible, look, see, appear
tampaknya apparent, it seems that
tampaknya it seems, it looks
tampil to appear, step forward
tamu guest
tanah earth, ground, soil, country
Tanah Suci Holy Land
tanak cooked (of rice)
tanaman plants
tanda tangan signature
tanda terima receipt
tangan hand, forearm, sleeve
tangga ladder, stairs
tanggal date
tanggal lahir date of birth
tanggung jawab responsibility
tangis crying, weeping
tangkai handle, stalk, stem
tangkap catch, seize (menangkap)
tanjung cape, promontory
tanpa without
tantangan challenge
tante auntie
tapak palm of hand, sole of foot (tapak kaki etc), tracks, site
taplak (meja) tablecloth
taraf hidup standard of living
tari dance
tarik pull
tatkala at that time, when (lit)
tatkala when (specific event in the past) = ketika, waktu
tawa laugh, laughter
tawa riuh noisy laughter
tawar bargain (menawar); also tawar-menawar
tawaran an offer
tebal thick (say of book, material)
teduh shady, shadow, still, quiet
tega to do s.t. without worrying about consequences
tegang tense
tegas clear and distinct, resolute, determined
teguh firm, dependable, tenacious
tejuh tenacious
teka-teki riddle
tekad determined to do something despite the consequences
tekanan pressure
teko teapot
telah same as sudah
telanjang nude
telekung white prayer veil for women
telinga ear
teluk bay, bight
tembak langsung straight shooting, direct
tembok wall
tempat pengambilan barang left luggage
tempat tujuan destination
tempo when (colloquial) - tempo saya datang
tempo hari the other day
temu, bertemu come together, meet
tenaga power, energy, workforce, effort
tenang calm, still, restful
tengah dua one & a half
tengah malam/hari midnight/noon
tenggara southeast
tengok look at, see, visit (menengok)
tentangan challenge
tentara soldier
tenteram peaceful
tentu certainly
tentu dong certainly
tentu saja but of course!
tepat exactly, precisely, right, appropriate
tepi side, edge, bank (e.g. tepi jalan, tepi laut) see also pinggir
tepuk tangan clap, applause
terAkhir the end, last. latest
terAmat extremely
terang clear, plain, evident, bright
terang-terangan frank, open, blunt
terang benderang very bright
terang terus transparent
terasi shrimp paste
terBabit involved in
terBanyak most, the majority
terBatas limited
terBayang be imagined, be visible
terBentang spread out, stretch out
terBiasa accustomed to; used to, habitual
terbit to rise, to come out, to appear
terBuruk worst (opposite of terBaik)
terCantum attached, inserted (say into document)
tercantum fuse, bring close together, pin
terCatat registered (memcatat = to register)
terCemar polluted
terCengang astonised, surprised, amazed
tercurah(kan) poured down, focused
terDapat can be found
terDekat closest
terDiri atas/dari consists of
terduduk fall to seated position
terGanggu disturbed
terGantung pada it depends on, upon
terGesa-gesa in a hurry. haste
tergolong to be classified
terHadap about, concerning
terHapus wiped out
teriak scream, shout (ber-)
terigu wheat
terIkat to tie down to burden
terima accept, receive (use menerima)
terIsi engaged, occupied
terJadi created, happened, to take place
terjebak to be trapped
terjun to dive, to jump down
terKait connected, hooked, inter-related
terkalahkan suffer defeat
terKejut surprised
terLalu lama too long
terLambat late (also telat)
terlampar jauh too far
terlampar jauh too late!
terlampir enclosed
terLantar neglected, deserted(also telantar)
terLarang restricted area
terLebih dulu in advance
terLepas dari semua itu appart from all that
terLetak situated, located
terLibat involved
terLuka injured
terLunta to constantly suffer
terMasuk including, inclusive of
ternak livestock
ternak livestock
terNyata apparently, turned out that
ternyata clearly, obviously
terowongan tunnel, shaft
terPadu integrated, fused
terPancing provoked
terPecah to be shattered/split
terPepet cornered, trapped, squeezed
terpidana convicted person
terSandung to trip over, to stumble
terSebut previously mentioned
terSedia available, ready
terSembunyi hidden feelings
terSerah as you like, I'll leave you to decide
terSinggung hurt one's feelings
terSumbat stopped, clogged, gagged
terTarik interested
terTawa to laugh
terTegun startled
terTentu a certain something (inspecified)
terTindas suppressed, downtrodden
terTinggal left behind by accident
terTunda delayed, postponed
terung/terong eggplant
terus continuously
terus-menurus continually, on and on
terus-terang frankly,
terus terang open, honest
terus terang candid, straight forward
teruskan forward
terUtama especially, mainly, most important, the best
tetangga neighbour
tetap permenant, constant, settled, stay, definite, fixed (menetap)
tetapi, tapi but, but rather, nevertheless, still
tewas killed (in action), slain
tiada not, not existing
tiap, setiap every, each
tiba-tiba unexpectedly, suddenly
tiba arrive
tidak demikian halnya such is not the case
tidak hanya itu not only that
tidak hanya…tetapi juga not only…but also
tidak peduli don't care
tidak usah not needed
tidak yakin uncertain
tikar mat
tikus mouse, rat
tilam mattress (s.t. to sleep on)
timba bucket
timnas national team
timur laut northeast
tindak(kan) action
tinggi hati immodest, conceited
tingkat floor, story, level
tipis thin
tipu corruption, cheating
tipuan rip-off
tirai blinds, curtain
titipan goods from titip
tiupan blown, s.t. blown on
TNI Tentara Nasional Indonesia
toh after all, nevertheless
toh afterall, neverthess [also meskipun…..toh]
toko besi hardware shop
toko makanan grocery store
toko pecah belah china shop
toko serba ada department store
tokoh prominent person
tolak push away
tolol very stupid
tombol hidup/mati on/off switch
tong barrel, vat
tongkat stick
topeng mask
traktir to treat s.o., to entertain (men-)
trotoar footpath
tua old (of people), ripe, dark (of colours)
tubuh body (or say person)
tudingan indicated (tuding = index finger)
tuduh accuse
tudung veil, sun hat
tugas task, function, duty
tugu monument, column,post,pillar
tuh same as itu
Tuhan yang Maha Esa god is great
tujuan aim, purpose, direction
tukar exchange
tulang bone
tuli deaf
tulus honest
tulus hati sincere, heartfelt
tumbang fall down with a crash of something large and erect
tumben how odd! (Javenese)
tumbuh growth, to grow up, to bud, to arise
tumbuh-tumbuhan plants, shrubs
tumbuh-tumbuhan all sorts of plants
tumbuk crush, pound (menumbuk)
tumpang get a lift (in a car), join with others
tuna netra blind - formal
tuna wisma homeless
tunangan fiance
tunda postpone (menunda)
tunggal one and only, just one
tunggu dulu wait a second
tunggu sebentar wait a second.
tunjukkan to show (e.g. the way); point out
tuntas complete, thorough
tuntutan demands
turun harga discounted price
turun(1) come down, came down, get off, disembark; descend, alight
turun(2) copy (menurun)
turunan descendant, generation
turunkan lower, drop (e.g. price)
turut join in, take part in, come with, accompany, follow
tusuk skewer, stick of sate (menusuk = to stab, pierce, prick)
tutup close, closed, lid, cover (menutup)
uang simpan savings (= tabungan)
uap steam, vapour
ubah change, alter (ber-)
uban grey hair
ucapan pronunciation, expression
udah sudah
udang prawn
udara bagus beautiful weather
udel navel [seenak udelnya sendiri]
ufuk horizon
ujian exam, test
ujung sharp point, end of something (e.g. month, street)
ukiran carved work
ukup incense, perfume
ukuran size, measurement
ulama Islamic scholar
ulang repeated
ular snake
ulung excellent, skilled, masterly
uluran tangan to reach out to help someone
umat haji haji community (umat = members of a religious community)
umpama(nya) for example, reason (see also misalnya)
umpamanya for example, for instance
umum public, common, commonly, generally
umumnya, pada generally, normally
undang invite (more formal than mengajak) - to function you are hosting
undang-undang law, act
undung-undung veil over the head
unggul excellent, first class, superior
ungkapan expression, idiom (ungkap = [to] express]
ungu purple
unjuk show s.t.
unsur element, substance
untuk for [see also agar, supaya]
untuk to, in order to
untung profit, good luck
untung(lah) fortunately, luckily
untunglah fortunately
upacara festival, ceremony
upah pay, wages, fee. commission
upaya efforts (to obtain something specific)
upeti bribe
urus arrange
urusan business, affairs, arrangment
urusan dinas on official business
urusan pribadi personal affairs
usah, tak it is not necessary (usah only used with tidak)
usaha effort, industry, diligence
usai finished
usia age = umur
usul baik good proposal
usulkan suggest (meng-)
utama prominent, eminent, excellent, first-rate; crucial; main principle
utang debt
utara north
utusan messenger, envoy, delegate
wa- Arabic for "and"
wabah plague, epidemic
Wah, sialan Oh! What bad luck
wajah countenance, face (wajah baru = new comer)
wajah baru newcomer
wajar genuine
wajib obliged to, duty to
wakil representative
waktu when (specific event in the past) =ketika, tatkala
waktu yang suntuk too late!
walau(pun) = meski(pun) although, even though
walau, walaupun although
walaupun demikian nonetheless, although it is so, yet
walaupun demikian nevertheless; in spite of that
wali father (Islamic)
wallahu alam only god knows
wanita tulis susila prostitute
waras healthy - especially mentally (see also sehat)
warga member (see also anggota)
warisan inheritance
warna-warni all kinds of colours
warta berita news items
wartawan journalist
wasalam letter ending (with greetings)
wasit referee, umpire
wassalam yours sincerely (peace be with you)
wassalamualaikum used with entering moslem's house
watak character (of a novel etc); nature, disposition
wawancara interview
wayang golek wooden puppet
wiraswasta entrepreneur
wisatawan tourist
wisuda graduation
yahud excellent, OK. great (Slang)
yaitu namely
yaitu, yakni that is
yakin certain, sure
yakini certainly
yakni that is….
yang which, which is
yang akan datang next
yang baru lalu the latest, last
yang benar which is correct
yang berikut the following
yang di sebelah sana that which located there
yang ini this one!; these
yang itu that one!; those
yang lalu one before
yang mana which one!
yang mendatang next
yang salah which is wrong
yayasan establishment, institution, foundation
yth yang terhormat
yuk same as ayo (come on!)
zakar penis
zaman time
zikir chant the confession of faith
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