The Pollocks in Ireland always seemed to be farmers. Little changed in the move to Australia. Grain and livestock farming are still significant Polloccupations

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  1. Pollocks in Donegal Ireland
  2. Kilpatricks in Donegal Ireland
  3. Arrival & Settlement in Australia
  4. Matt Pollock (1874-1950)
  5. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
  6. Alexander Pollock (1882-1945)
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)

History heading

6. Alexander Pollock (Jr.)

Alexander Pollock was born at Kyabram in 1882. He married Annie Isobel Campbell at Kyabram in Feb 1906. They lived at Taripta outside Kyabram for some years, then moved to Balldale for 5 years and then to Wahgunyah in 1920 where they bought a farm, "Shrublands", residing there until their deaths.

They had 11 children:

This is thought to be of the eight eldest children of Alex and Annie Pollock, taken in about 1922. Mary is probably the one on our far left, Lavinia on the far right and Robert in the front - but any assistance with this photo would be appreciated.

  1. Mary Ann Cofield (nee Pollock) (1906-2006)
    • Born at Taripta 3 October 1906. She married Harold Cofield (21 Nov 1907-3 May 1993) on 14 October 1933 at Carlyle Congregational church. They had no children, and lived at St. Leonard's Rd., Wahgunyah from 1933. Mary passed away 5 August 2006, aged 99, and is buried in Carlyle Cemetery with her husband.

  2. Lavinia Barrow (nee Pollock) (1909-1991)
    • Born Taripta 18 Mar 1909, she married George Barrow (1907-4 Nov 1966) on 28 February 1934, at Carlyle church. They lived at Wahgunyah and had six daughters. Alma (married Bill Bryant of Wahgunyah)deceased 1997, Jeanette (married John Milthorpe of Rutherglen), Anne (married Kevin Witherden of Corowa), Louise (married Donald Beale of Daysdale), Joan (married Dick Ellis of Wangaratta) and Betty (married Bill Taft of Rutherglen). She died at Wahgunyah 12 April 1991. In 2008 it was reported that Lavinia had 21 grandchildren, at least 51 great grandchildren, and 3 g-g-grandchildren "with two more on the way".

  3. Annie Isobel Howard (nee Pollock) (1910-1999)
    • Born 14 Aug 1910 at Kyabram, she married Rupert Howard 6 February 1937 at the Presbyterian Church Corowa. They had two children, Gwen (Cuthbert) and Allan. She lived at "Maryvale", Wahgunyah with her son. Her daughter lives at Wangaratta. Rupert Howard passed away 7 March 1976. Annie passed away 29 December, 1999.

  4. Bertha Edna Spencer (nee Pollock) (1911-1965)
    • Born 8 Mar 1911 at Taripta. She married James Spencer 8 Feb 1933, living at Rutherglen. They had one daughter, Joyce (D'Arcy) and three sons, Alexander, James (deceased 2000) and Ken. Bertha died 20 May 1965, aged 53 and is buried with her husband at Carlyle cemetery (he died 14 August 1965, aged 63).

  5. Robert Alexander Pollock (1912-1973)
    • Born 29th Sep 1912, at Taripta. He never married. As the only son, he carried on the family farm, "Shrublands". He served in the second world war and was at discharge a private in the 8th Reconnaissance Battalion. "His fading health forced him to lead a quiet life". He died 15 Dec 1973.

  6. Alma Edith Deas (nee Pollock) (1914-1991)
    • Born 23 Dec 1914, at Taripta. On the 1936 electoral roll her address is c/- Graham Bros. (which was a prominent winery). She married Robert Deas (d.1985) at Carlyle Congregational church 19 December 1936. They had two daughters, Doreen Joan (Waite) and Lorraine Mary (Schmidt). She lived in Rutherglen & died there 30 November 1991.

  7. Elizabeth Emma Dunn (nee Pollock) (1917-2000 )
    • Born 9 Sep 1917. She married Henry [Harry] Dunn (1915-1978) on 16 June 1940; they had a son David, and a daughter Faye (Miller). She lived in Main St., Rutherglen and passed away 2 June 2000.

  8. Jean Clara Bourke (nee Pollock) (1919-1987)
    • Born 21 Aug 1919, she married David Bourke (23 May 1960) on 16 December 1941. They lived at Rutherglen. They had one son, David. She died llth May 1987.

  9. Elaine Elsie Buckingham (nee Pollock) (1922-1999)
    • Born 22 Dec 1922, she married William Buckingham on 22 July 1943 at the Congregational church Rutherglen. Their two children are John William who lives at Rutherglen and Joy Elaine (Woodberry) of Milawa. They have seven grandchildren. William and Elaine Buckingham lived on a farm "Tralee" near Lake Moodemere, Rutherglen. Elaine passed away 31 October 1999.

  10. Doreen Alice (Doss) Nott (nee Pollock) (1922-2001 )
    • Elaine's twin born on 22nd Dec 1922. She married Charles Stanley Nott (d.1990) on 4 March 1942 at the Corowa Presbyterian church. They lived at Rutherglen and had three daughters, Shirley Ann Wilson (Walla), Beverley May Renshaw (Rutherglen) and Judith Maree Unger (Canberra). There are 5 grandchildren, and one great grandchild (as at 1989). Doss passed away 12 February 2001.

  11. Betty Pollock
    • Born at Corowa and lived only 16 hours.
Ten Pollock Girls

Alexander Pollock died 28 September 1945 aged 62 years.

Annie Isobel died 22 September 1942 aged 58. She was a lady with "a quiet and kindly disposition". She had five brothers and four sisters. Her father was William Campbell (b.1837 Lisnagroat, Derry, Ireland - d. 1923 Temora, buried Kyabram). He came to Australia with parents in 1847. Her mother was Mary Ann (Weston).

Alexander and Annie Isobel Pollock are both buried at Carlyle cemetery between Rutherglen and Wahgunyah.


  1. Pollocks in Donegal Ireland
  2. Kilpatricks in Donegal Ireland
  3. Arrival & Settlement in Australia
  4. Matt Pollock (1874-1950)
  5. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
  6. Alexander Pollock (1882-1945)
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)
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