The Pollocks in Ireland always seemed to be farmers. Little changed in the move to Australia. Grain and livestock farming are still significant Polloccupations

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  1. Pollocks in Donegal Ireland
  2. Kilpatricks in Donegal Ireland
  3. Arrival & Settlement in Australia
  4. Matt Pollock (1874-1950)
  5. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
  6. Alexander Pollock (1882-1945)
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)

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3. Arrival & Settlement in Australia

Alexander Pollock from Liskeran and his wife Mary Jane left for Australia barely one month after their marriage. They sailed on the Young Australia which left London on 17 May 1870 with about 238 passengers, mostly English but with 28 Irish. Alexander and Mary Jane travelled in steerage but were not assisted immigrants - that is they were in the poorest quality accommodation but paid their way. The ship arrived at Moreton Bay, Brisbane on the 25 August 1870. [Note: The Young Australia sunk on a return voyage in 1872].

Alexander Pollock worked on a property for a Mr. Barton in Queensland for about 9 months and then moved to Victoria.

Other Pollocks Who Came To Australia

At least one of the Pollocks from the Finn Valley, John Pollock from Meenavoy, had emigrated to Australia before Alexander. John Pollock (c.1843-25 Sep 1922) and wife Letitia (Lettie) Jane Dinsmore (c1848-3 Nov 1933) from Stranorlar came to Australia in 1869 aged 22 and 20. Photos of John Pollock and Letitia Densmore.

John Pollock's father, James Pollock (1816 or 1820-1906) is thought to be Samuel Pollock's cousin. James Pollock also married a Kilpatrick - Matilda Atchison Kilpatrick (1829-1874). They were from Meenavoy.

John and Letitia sailed from Plymouth 2 Jul 1869 and arrived in Brisbane 25 Sep 1869 on the Royal Dane. According to Helen O'Brien "When they first arrived in Brisbane, John and Letitia lived at Oxley Creek, then in Margaret Street, Brisbane, then they moved to Beaudesert. They farmed at Beaudesert and moved to the Bundaberg area around 1894. They lived at Yandalan near Bundaberg and by 1903 at nearby Bucca Farm, North Kolan. Many of their descendants still live in the Bundaberg area. Their family consisted of 8 boys and 5 girls. The children seem to be:

  1. Letitia Jane Pollock (1870-1964). Born 27 May 1870 at Beaudesert, she married Henry Thomas Read (1857-1922) in 1891. In 1913 they farmed at Pinelands, Widgee Creek, near Beaudesert. They had the following children: Robert Henry Read (1891-1968) - sergeant in WW1. He lived in Sherwood, Brisbane; Percival John Read (1894-1919)- died as result of war wounds; Thomas Herbert Read(1897-1970). He married Matilda Agnes Nelson in 1932. They lived at Meadowvale near Bundaberg; Sarah Jane Read (1900-1953)- married Charles Johnston in 1924 and Harry Blanch in 1936. She died in Ipswich in 1953. Harry died the same year.; Joseph Read (1901-1966) He married Daisy Elizabeth Campbell in 1926. They lived at Hillview near Beaudesert ; Samuel James Read (1903-1979). He lived for a while near Bundaberg but seemed to have moved back to the Beaudesert area to take care of his mother after his father died in 1922; Ivy Irene Read (1906) (She may have married a Mr J.C. Lang); Letitia Florence Read (1910) (She may have married a Mr T Darlington). Henry Thomas Reid was born 26 Jan 1857 in Somerset and died 19 July 1922. After Henry Thomas Read died in 1922, Letitia Jane lived at Rathdowney near Beaudesert but sometime after the war moved to Coal Street Redbank. She died at Ipswich 10 August 1964
  2. Matilda Pollock (1873-1953). She married George William Richard Godden (1862-1935) in 1894. Children included: John Richard Godden (1896-1963); Emily Alice Godden (1898-1898); Ann Elizabeth Godden (1899-1957); Letitia Jane Godden (1901-1967); Iris Kathleen Mary Godden (1909-1995)- she married Victor Pooler (1907-1988). In 1903 they lived at Upper Widgee Creek. In her later years she lived at Avondale near Bundaberg. Matilda, George and child Ann Elizabeth and and John are buried at Bundaberg.
  3. Robert James Pollock (1875-1876). Died as an infant.
  4. Ann Eliza Pollock (1877-?)
  5. Sarah Margaret Pollock (1879-1972). In 1903 she lived at Bucca Farm. She married William Niel Christian Dahl (died 1952) in 1905. They lived at Bucca Crossing. Their children included: twins Rose Ellen Dahl (1906)- married 1928 to James Todd McLeod and Lillian Letitia Dahl (1906)- married 1926 to Herbert Stanley Howard; Norman Dahl (1907-1978) - married Elsie Serena Neubecker in 1929; Myrtle Violet (1909) - married Wilfred Anders Hendy in 1929. Sarah Margaret later lived in Bundaberg.
  6. Samuel James Tait Pollock (1881-1958). In 1903 he lived at Bucca Crossing.
  7. William John Pollock (1881-1964). In 1903 he was at Bucca Crossing. Married Anne Elizabeth Larder in 1907. In 1913 labourer at Bucca. They had a daughter Letitia Jane Pollock who married Mervyn George Howard in 1933, and died 1983.
  8. George Alexander Pollock (26 May 1883-28 Dec 1949). He was at Bucca Crossing until at least WW1. He enlisted in 1917 and was single then. He later married Alice Catherine English (1895-1960). In 1925 he is listed as a postman of Oakview Farm, Yandaran Creek. In 1943 they are listed at Bungadoo, Wallaville line, where he was a farmer. He died of a snake bite near his house at Bungadoo, 20 miles from Bundaberg.
  9. Thomas Robert Pollock (1885-1962). Up until at least 1913 he was a labourer at Bucca Crossing, North Kolan. By 1925 he moved north to farm at Mount Larcom near Glastone. He was likely single.
  10. Albert Densmore Pollock (1887-1977). In 1913 labourer at Bucca. In 1925 married May Moore. He also moved north to farm at Mount Larcom. The farm name was Bracewell. Possible children include Alan Robert Pollock; Garnet William John Pollock; Iris Pollock; Reginald Albert Pollock.
  11. Catherine Mary Pollock (1889-1946). Married Thomas Ernest Graham (1892-1977) in 1916. They lived at Bracewell near Mount Larcom. Catherine was born a redhead - inherited from her mother Letitia, and passed down through the generations. A family story says that while heavily pregnant with her third son, Catherine drove herself and two eldest sons in a horse and cart to their new home in Mt Larcom. Catherine and Thomas Graham had a bit of everything on their property at Mt Larcom - cotton, corn, beans, pumpkins, tomatoes and pigs, chickens and dairy cattle. Their children were: Harold John Graham (1917-1978); George Alexander Thomas Graham (1918-1943); Eugene Vivian Graham (1920-1989); William Andrew Graham (1922-abt 2007); Gordon Douglas Graham (1925-2003); Dulcie Letitia Graham (1927-2005); and Keith Robert Graham (1930-1995)
  12. Henry Pollock (1891-1953). Married Mildred Myrtle Crampton in 1922.
  13. Adam Wray (Ray) Pollock (1893-1963). Married Ethel Violet Crampton in 1917.
At least eight of the above lived much of their lives in or around Bundaberg. Three moved north to Mount Larcom near Gladstone.

Some of the siblings of John Pollock also emigrated to Australia. His brothers and sisters seemed to include:

  • James Pollock (1849-?). He stayed in Ireland, marrying Esther Pollock (same surname) in 1875. They lived at Meenavoy. There children included: David Pollock (1876-1964); Matilda Pollock (1878-1930); Margaret Jane Pollock (1881-?); James Pollock (1883-1918); Esther Smiley Pollock (1885-1968); and John Tait Pollock (1887-?).
  • unknown girl
  • unknown girl
  • Catherine Jane Pollock (1857-2 Feb 1882). She had arrived in Australia on the Carnatic 5 Oct 1881 and died 2 Feb 1882 as reported in the Brisbane Courier "third daughter of James and Matilda Pollock, Meenavoy, Donegal, and sister of Mrs S. Bell, Terrace street, Fortitude Valley."
  • Elizabeth Jane Pollock (1860-1913). She arrived in Australia 2 July 1877 (listed as Jane) and married Samuel Bell (1852-1925) at the house of Thomas Dunsmore, Fortitude Valley on 9 Jan 1879. In 1889 they lived at Annie Street, Newfarm. They had the following children: Samuel James Kilpatrick Bell (1879-1881); Thomas John Bell (1882-?); Matilda Jane Bell (1883-1922); William George Bell (1886-1922); Eveline Grace Bell (1888-1888); Lilla May Bell (1889-1959); Elizabeth Violet Bell (1893-1964); Catherine Esther Bell (1897-?). She died at Goodna insane hospital in 1913.
  • Matilda Pollock (1869- )

The Alexander and Mary Jane Pollock in Victoria

Alexander and Mary Jane farmed in various localities in the Goulburn Valley before they selected 320 acres of land at Taripta, near Kyabram, circa 1881. The following children were born:

  1. Samuel George Pollock (1872-1877)
    Born 1872 at Dargalong (near Tabilk and Nagambie). He died at age 5.
  2. Matthew James Pollock (1874-1950)
    Born 1874 at Mooroopna. He married Mary Ann Harris in 1901 and died at Yerong Creek NSW in 1950.
  3. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
    Born 1876 at Mooroopna. He married Isabella Annie Wilson and died at Balldale NSW in 1916.
  4. Eliza Pollock (1878-1880)
    Born 1878 at Mundoona (near Numurkah). She died aged 2.
  5. Samuel George Pollock (1880-1883)
    A second Samuel George was born 1880 at Mundoona. He died aged 3 months.
  6. Alexander Pollock (Jr) (1882-1945)
    Born 1882 at Kyabram. He married Annie Isobel Campbell and died at Wahgunyah, Victoria, in 1945.
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
    Born 1884 at Kyabram. He died in 1964 at Quandialla NSW
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)
    Born 1886 at Taripta near Kyabram. He married Isabella Annie Iver Smeaton in 1912 and died at Tallimba NSW in 1949.

The Pollocks Move to Balldale

In 1903 John Morrissey, a member of the Victorian parliament who lived in the Lower Goulburn Valley at Byrneside, purchased the Quat Ouatta estate. This estate on the NSW side of the Murray River between Corowa and Howlong was subdivided by Morrissey and sold to Lower Goulburn Valley farmers in 1903 and 1904.

In late 1903 a party of twelve from the Mooroopna district travelled by buggy and wagonette to inspect and most of them bought around where the village of Balldale now stands. A little later another party of Victorians, from the Yarroweyah and Boorhaman districts, bought blocks. Some of the families that bought Quat Quatta farms included:

  • Alex Pollock, from Taripta, near Kyabram
  • Mick Kavanagh, "Sunny Hill", from Mooroopna
  • Thomas Wilson, "Cluster Hills", came from Mooroopna, and his brother
  • Mungo Wilson, "Kavason", from Mooroopna
  • Martin Brothers (Alex and Robert), "Errol", came from Mooroopna
  • Breen Brothers (J.M. & P.P), "Gelburnie" and "New Park", came from Yarroweyah

The five Pollock brothers all lived in the Balldale area. However they gradually moved away to develop their own farms, until in the late 1930s there were no Pollocks left.

Here is a picture of the students of Balldale Public School in 1918, which includes six Pollock kids


  1. Pollocks in Donegal Ireland
  2. Kilpatricks in Donegal Ireland
  3. Arrival & Settlement in Australia
  4. Matt Pollock (1874-1950)
  5. Robert Pollock (1876-1916)
  6. Alexander Pollock (1882-1945)
  7. Thomas John Pollock (1884-1964)
  8. George Pollock (1886-1949)
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